Suede (English rock band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
We Are the Pigs GBL2J1000013 4:20
We Are the Pigs 3:56
We Are the Pigs 4:23
We Are the Pigs 4:21
We Are the Pigs 4:11
We Are the Pigs 4:17
We Are the Pigs 3:54
We Are the Pigs 4:05
We Are the Pigs 4:15
We Are the Pigs ?:??
We Are the Pigs (live, 2014-03-30: Dog Man Star’s 20th anniversary. Royal Albert Hall, London, UK) GBL2J1500002 3:46
We Believe in Showbiz GBL2J1100136 3:47
We're So Disco 3:36
Weight of the World 2:31
Weight of the World 2:30
What Are You Not Telling Me? GBL2J1200399 4 3:12
What I’m Trying to Tell You GBL2J1500033 4 4:12
What I’m Trying to Tell You (chapter from “Night Thoughts” film) 4:12
What Violet Says 4:11
When the Rain Falls GBAAW0202124
4 4:48
When the Rain Falls 4:48
When the Rain Falls (recorded live in Singapore on August 15, 2002) ?:??
When the Rain Falls (Stanbridge demo) GBL2J1100195 4:29
When the Rain Falls / Oceans 18:31
When You Are Young GBL2J1500028 3 4:17
When You Are Young (chapter from “Night Thoughts” film) 4:46
When You Were Young GBL2J1500038 3 2:19
When You Were Young (chapter from “Night Thoughts” film) 2:19
Where the Pigs Don't Fly 5:35
Where The Pigs Don't Fly ?:??
Where the Pigs Don’t Fly GBBQM9700035 5:34
Where the Pigs Don’t Fly GBL2J1100114 5:35
Whipsnade GBBQM9700042 4:22
Whipsnade 4:22
Whipsnade GBL2J1100130 4:21
Wonderful Sometimes 3:48
Wonderful Sometimes 3:46
WSD GBL2J1100156 4:41
You Beautiful Loser (demo) 3:44
You Belong to Me 3:24
You Belong to Me GBAAW0202126
You Belong to Me / Oceans GBAAW0202125
You Belong to Me / Oceans 17:29
Young Men GBBQM9600011
Young Men GBL2J1100152 4:37

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