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Martin Lomas has played guitar, written music and experimented with recording for more than 30 years. One day it'll all make sense ...

As a young teen in England I idolized my folk guitarist brother Steve, who was a big influence on my musical development. I remember my first guitar at age 16, and the unusual feeling shortly thereafter that I might actually be good at it. I learned a lot of songs by The Eagles and Pink Floyd.

Among the few friends I had at school were a couple of musicians. We jammed together and eventually formed a heavy rock band called Wolf. I also played in a blues band called The Original Dr. Roachclip, and a jazz band called Tradewinds. In those years musical taste seemed to progress very quickly, and I got heavily into progressive rock; Genesis, Yes, Frank Zappa, etc..

Upon moving to Canada some key things happened - I decided to dedicate myself to recording, I began listening to electronic music, and I discovered Rheostatics - the best band I ever did hear thus far. Being married and employed, the home studio idea fit well with the limited amount of time I had to put into it.

I started out with a 4-track cassette-based Portastudio and a cheap reverb, later going all-digital, using Logic and plugins on my PC. I compiled a few crappy tapes for family and friends. Then I got involved in the absorbing world of algorithmic music, which led me to discover all kinds of music software and get to know it inside out.

This recipe explains my current direction; I want to continue learning the recording process and making music that is unique and sometimes outside.

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2007 Loose 1

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