Name ISRCs Rating Length
Baby Wants Kisses 4:20
Baby Wants Kisses (To moro mou kanei nani) 4:20
Barbary Song (Barbaria) 4:57
Don't Worry Dub 5:55
Don't Worry Ma 5:35
Don’t Worry Dub ?:??
Don’t Worry, Ma ?:??
Dreams Come True 4:04
Hamam 4:05
Hamam ?:??
Hamam (Swiss Mix) 4:10
I'd Rather Set Myself On Fire 5:13
I'm Not A Little Girl 4:44
I’m Not a Little Girl ?:??
Let's Go To Jail 5:10
Let’s Go to the Jail ?:??
Light The Candles (Ta keria' ta sparmatseta) 3:52
Moroccan Girl 5:30
Moroccan Girl ?:??
Opium Bride (Nyfi paramythi) 4:36
Refugee (Prosfigaki) 4:12
Smoking In Bed (Anapse to tsigharo) 4:41
Tamba Toumba ?:??
Tamba-Toumba 5:26
The American 4:29
The Little Squirt (To pitsirikaki) 4:21
The Sad Tale Of The Farmer's Wife (Kiraghiorgha'I'Na) 4:33
Ti Se Meli (What Do You Care...) 4:45
Voodoo 5:15

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