Andy York (guitarist - Ian Hunter/John Mellencamp)

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member of:Ian Hunter & The Rant Band
Jason & The Scorchers
Mary Lee’s Corvette
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Away From This Worldacoustic guitarSheryl Crow3:19
Dark as a Dungeon (From the Documentary Film “From the Ashes”)guitarJohn Mellencamp4:11
Fatally Flawedbaritone guitarIan Hunter & The Rant Band5:03
Home Againacoustic guitarSheryl Crow, Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin & Taj Mahal3:38
Just the Way You Look Tonighthammered dulcimer, handclaps, harmonium and tambourineIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:34
Rough on Ratslap steel guitar [lap steel]David Johansen2:48
Rough on RatsguitarDavid Johansen2:48
Saintacoustic guitar and mellotronIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:35
So Goddam Smartslide guitarDave Alvin, Phil Alvin & Sheryl Crow2:44
Truthelectric guitarJohn Mellencamp with Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz3:20
Truthacoustic guitarJohn Mellencamp with Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz3:20
When I’m Presidentacoustic guitarIan Hunter & The Rant Band4:21
Wild Bunchbaritone guitarIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:54
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong About Meacoustic guitarElvis Costello3:21
You Are Blindacoustic guitarRyan Bingham3:14
You Don't Know Meacoustic guitarRosanne Cash4:18
Yours ForeverguitarJohn Mellencamp4:02
Yours Forever (Theme from The Perfect Storm) (excerpt)guitarJohn Mellencamp1:00
Just Another Day (single version)John Mellencamp3:32
Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)John Mellencamp4:54
Black TearsIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:37
Comfortable (Flyin’ Scotsman)Ian Hunter & The Rant Band3:02
Fatally FlawedIan Hunter & The Rant Band5:03
I Don’t Know What You WantIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:47
Just the Way You Look TonightIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:34
LifeIan Hunter & The Rant Band4:58
SaintIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:35
Ta Shunka Witco (Crazy Horse)Ian Hunter & The Rant Band5:47
What ForIan Hunter & The Rant Band4:22
When I’m PresidentIan Hunter & The Rant Band4:21
Wild BunchIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:54
Comfortable (Flyin’ Scotsman)background vocalsIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:02
Rough on RatsDavid Johansen2:48
Saintbackground vocalsIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:35
Truthbackground vocalsJohn Mellencamp with Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz3:20
When I’m Presidentbackground vocalsIan Hunter & The Rant Band4:21
Wild Bunchbackground vocalsIan Hunter & The Rant Band3:54
Yours Foreverbackground vocalsJohn Mellencamp4:02
Yours Forever (Theme from The Perfect Storm) (excerpt)background vocalsJohn Mellencamp1:00
Mr. Happy Go LuckychamberlinJohn Mellencamp
Mr. Happy Go LuckyguitarJohn Mellencamp
Mr. Happy Go LuckypercussionJohn Mellencamp
Mr. Happy Go LuckyorganJohn Mellencamp
Mr. Happy Go LuckyharmonicaJohn Mellencamp
Mr. Happy Go LuckymandolinJohn Mellencamp
Mr. Happy Go LuckymellotronJohn Mellencamp
No Better Than Thisacoustic guitar and electric guitarJohn Mellencamp
Sad Clowns & HillbilliesguitarJohn Mellencamp featuring Carlene Carter
Sad Clowns & HillbilliesbassJohn Mellencamp featuring Carlene Carter
Mr. Happy Go LuckyJohn Mellencamp
Mr. Happy Go Luckybackground vocalsJohn Mellencamp
Sad Clowns & Hillbilliesbackground vocalsJohn Mellencamp featuring Carlene Carter