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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Always Crashing in the Same Car Chairlift 3:27
Amanaemonesia Chairlift 5 5:01
Amanaemonesia (Radio Edit) Chairlift ?:??
Amanaemonesia (Radio Edit) Chairlift ?:??
Bruises Chairlift US28E0834204 5 4:02
Bruises Chairlift 4:04
Bruises Chairlift 4:01
Bruises (live, 2009-01-20: Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL, USA) Chairlift 4:06
Bruises (part of "Amable Clubbin’" DJ Mix) Chairlift 3:58
Bruises (Passion Pit remix) Chairlift 3:53
Bruises (radio edit) Chairlift 4:04
Bruises (The Juan MacLean remix) Chairlift 8:24
Ceiling Wax Chairlift US28E0834211 3:40
Ch-Ching Chairlift 3:47
Ch-Ching Chairlift 3:48
Ch-Ching Chairlift 3:47
Ch-Ching (redux) Chairlift feat. D.R.A.M. + Jimi Tents 3:50
Chameleon Closet Chairlift US28E0834210 1:59
Cool as a Fire Chairlift 3:57
Crying in Public Chairlift 4:29
Crying in Public Chairlift 5 4:28
Darling Nikki Chairlift 5:19
Dixie Gypsy Chairlift USSM10901043 4:03
Don't Give a Damn Chairlift US28E0834209 4:22
Earwig Town Chairlift US28E0834203 3:03
Evident Utensil Chairlift ?:??
Evident Utensil Chairlift US28E0834206 2:52
Evident Utensil (Jacques Renault remix) Chairlift 4:58
Evident Utensil (MGMT remix) Chairlift ?:??
Evident Utensil (MGMT remix) Chairlift 2:26
Evident Utensil (The Juan MacLean remix) Chairlift 7:44
Fashion Party Das Racist with Chairlift 6:16
Frigid Spring Chairlift 3:48
Garbage Chairlift US28E0834201 4:45
Get Real Chairlift 4:46
Ghost Tonight Chairlift 3:06
Grown Up Blues Chairlift 3:19
Guilty as Charged Chairlift 3:33
I Belong in Your Arms Chairlift 3:27
I Belong in Your Arms (album version) Chairlift USSM11104429 3:21
I Belong in Your Arms (Japanese version) Chairlift 3:29
I Belong in Your Arms (Japanese version) Chairlift 3:29
I Belong in Your Arms (John Talabot & Pional 6.15AMix) Chairlift 6:57
I Belong in Your Arms (Photek remix) Chairlift 4:17
Le Flying Saucer Hat Chairlift USSM10901044 3:17
Look Up Chairlift 2:14
Make Your Mind Up Chairlift 4:25
Make Your Mind Up Chairlift US28E0834208 5:19
Met Before Chairlift 2:54
Met Before (The Field remix) Chairlift 6:31
Moth to the Flame Chairlift 2:57
No Such Thing as Illusion Chairlift 6:26
Ottawa to Osaka Chairlift 4:56
Ottawa to Osaka Chairlift 4:55
Party Kool A.D. feat. Chairlift 4:13
Peculiar Paradise Chairlift 4:57
Planet Health Chairlift US28E0834202 4:19
Polymorphing Chairlift 4:43
Romeo Chairlift 3:08
Romeo Chairlift 3:09
Romeo Chairlift ?:??
Romeo Chairlift 3:08
Show U Off Chairlift 3:33
Show U Off Chairlift 3:32
Sidewalk Safari Chairlift 3:49
Sidewalk Safari Chairlift 3:49
Sidewalk Safari (Dan Carey dub mix) Chairlift 5:40
Sidewalk Safari (Martyn’s Crystal World remix) Chairlift 5:03
Silica Chairlift 3:30
Somewhere Around Here Chairlift US28E0834205 4:31
Take It Out on Me Chairlift 3:53
Territory Chairlift US28E0834207 6:05
Turning Chairlift 2:59
Unfinished Business Chairlift 4:33
Wrong Opinion Chairlift 5:06

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