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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
N.E.P. (Receiver remix) Lucidstatic 5:13
Night Vision Lucidstatic 5:04
Night Vision (Die in Dreams mix) Lucidstatic 4:42
Night Vision (Impurfekt remix) Lucidstatic 3:33
Night Vision (Nightmares in Neon remix by Amphetamine Virus) Lucidstatic 5:13
Night Vision (Reincarnated remix by Displacer) Lucidstatic 5:36
Night Vision (Shad0w remix) Lucidstatic 5:15
Nihilist Lucidstatic 2:38
Nihilist (Murdertrance-Angel Of Violence Collaboration) Lucidstatic 5:37
No Future Lucidstatic 6:04
No Future (Existential Anxiety remix) Lucidstatic 5:29
No Love Lucidstatic feat. Sumbraxis 4:59
Noiz3rush Lucidstatic 5:23
Notochord Lucidstatic feat. iammynewt 4:41
Once Upon a Time Lucidstatic 5:23
Operating Directive Lucidstatic 7:18
Operating Directive Lucidstatic 7:16
P4TR1OT (Black Op mix) Lucidstatic 3:56
Pathology Lucidstatic feat. Ironworm 3:14
Perpetuate Lucidstatic 3:52
Perversion Lucidstatic 7:08
Perversion (Fresh.Brood mix by Mangadrive) Lucidstatic 4:24
Precise Moment to Strike (instrumental) Lucidstatic 4:54
Presence Lucidstatic 6:40
Rad-io Lucidstatic vs. Human Error 1:30
Re_volve Lucidstatic 3:35
Represent Lucidstatic 4:15
Resting on My Laurels Lucidstatic 3:45
Robotix Lucidstatic 5:01
Rocket Queen Lucidstatic feat. Sean "Satyr" Tracy 5:58
Shattered Mirror Lucidstatic 8:02
Shear Lucidstatic 6:51
Showdown ('08 re-edit mix) Lucidstatic 4:08
Showdown (raw version) Lucidstatic 4:08
Slag Lucidstatic 6:15
Sleep Experiment 13 Lucidstatic feat. DownstroyD 3:07
Stillness Lucidstatic 5:52
Stretching Skin Lucidstatic feat. iammynewt 5:16
Suicide Vision Lucidstatic 5:12
Tactile (Chemical Agent Collaboration) Lucidstatic 3:18
Tao Tieh Lucidstatic feat. Message to the Machine 6:05
The Awakening Lucidstatic 4:58
The Haunted Lucidstatic 6:23
The Precise Moment to Strike Lucidstatic feat. Emily Steigerwald 4:55
The Vault Lucidstatic vs. Cryogenic Echelon 3:49
Unknown Test Subject Lucidstatic 3:55
Unwilling Lucidstatic 4:42
Vap0.r.1zed Lucidstatic vs. Human Error 2:58
Vaportrail Lucidstatic 4:13
Virus Lucidstatic 5:35
Viscera Lucidstatic 5:04
Warning Lucidstatic 3:44
Warning (Mild Peril remix by Human Error) Lucidstatic 3:08
We Created the Epidemic Lucidstatic 5:52
We Created the Epidemic Mangadrive feat. Lucidstatic 5:51
We Created the Epidemic (vs. Mangadrive) Lucidstatic 5:51
Welcome To The Ugly Bar Intro Lucidstatic 2:40
Welcome To Ugly Bar Outro Lucidstatic 3:08
Welts Lucidstatic 6:58
Wetwork Lucidstatic 3:41
Wolves Lucidstatic 6:07

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