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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Loose)lips(sink)ships Lucidstatic vs. Human Error 2:34
[untitled] Lucidstatic 3:54
[untitled] Lucidstatic vs. Aaron Hedrick 4:37
A New Low Lucidstatic 4:10
A New Low Human Error vs. Lucidstatic 4:10
A.L. Lucidstatic 3:09
A.L. Lucidstatic 3:10
According to Plan Lucidstatic 4:59
According to Plan Lucidstatic feat. ESA 4:57
All at Once Lucidstatic 4:25
Archetype Lucidstatic 5:48
Aux8 (Copy Paste Repeat remix) Lucidstatic 2:02
Aux8 (Penguin mix by Mono Penguin) Lucidstatic 4:45
Aux8 (Revision) Lucidstatic 3:17
Aux8 (Synchro Mode remix) Lucidstatic 4:10
Aux8 (Valvegod remix) Lucidstatic 5:29
Blackout Lucidstatic 4:36
Blossom Lucidstatic 4:18
Boneyard Lucidstatic 5:18
Book of the Dead Lucidstatic 4:23
Brutalism K-not feat. Lucidstatic 5:34
Burning Embers Lucidstatic 5:19
Cascade of Noise Lucidstatic 5:45
Cauterize the Emotion Lucidstatic 3:53
Coal Cage Lucidstatic 4:24
Coal Cage (Access to Arasaka remix) Lucidstatic 4:50
Coal Cage (Access To Arasaka Remix) Lucidstatic 4:48
Concrete Lucidstatic vs. The Plastic Eulogy 4:06
Connection Lucidstatic 5:30
Contempt And Your Hand Lucidstatic 5:49
Corrosion Lucidstatic 4:45
Corrosion Lucidstatic 4:45
Cure Obsessive Lucidstatic 4:35
Curse Me Lucidstatic 4:31
Decision Lucidstatic 5:31
Defiance Lucidstatic feat. iammynewt 4:31
Defiance (Harpsichoid remix) Lucidstatic 4:58
Defiance (SE remix) Lucidstatic 4:52
Defiance (Seraph and the Silent Committee remix) Lucidstatic 2:48
Desire to Be Lucidstatic 7:18
Destinations Lucidstatic 6:19
Disengage Lucidstatic 6:59
Disengage (Pullin' the Plug remix) Lucidstatic 4:45
Dissection Lucidstatic 5:47
Duck and cover (biowarfare mix) Mangadrive vs Lucidstatic ?:??
Duck and cover (filtered instinct mix) Mangadrive vs Lucidstatic ?:??
End of Us Lucidstatic 4:38
Entropy Lucidstatic 4:06
Epi(centre) Lucidstatic vs. Human Error 4:09
Expiration Date Lucidstatic 6:21
Fakt Lucidstatic 5:38
Fakt (Sleepless Droids mix) Lucidstatic 4:45
Fakt (Sleepless remix) Lucidstatic 4:44
Fire-breathing B-east Lucidstatic vs. Human Error 3:31
Fistula Lucidstatic 4:11
Flower Lucidstatic 4:17
Fractured Lucidstatic 3:27
Fuck You (Sludge Revision) Lucidstatic 4:26
Gonna Get You Lucidstatic 7:28
Headhunter (filter mix) Lucidstatic vs. Mono Penguin 4:58
Headhunter (Filter mix) Lucidstatic 4:56
Headhunter (Narcotix edit) Lucidstatic feat. Mono Penguin 2:46
Heirophant Lucidstatic 5:27
Hollowed Lucidstatic 3:48
Hours Between Lucidstatic feat. Cryogenic Echelon 4:35
I Am Lucidstatic 3:30
I Had Forgotten You Lucidstatic 5:25
Inner Struggle Lucidstatic 5:24
Inner Struggle (Metlbend remix by Randomform) Lucidstatic 3:57
Inner Struggle (Pig Fat remix) Lucidstatic 4:28
Inner Struggle (Tapage remix) Lucidstatic 4:22
Intercept (2009 revision) Lucidstatic 6:42
Intercept (iammynewt remix) Lucidstatic 3:06
Intercept (Native Resolution remix) Lucidstatic 5:23
Intercept (SINthetik Messiah remix) Lucidstatic 7:11
Invocation Lucidstatic 6:17
Jacob’s Ladder (remix by Tineidae) Lucidstatic 3:57
Katharsis Lucidstatic 3:41
Knockdown Lucidstatic 5:45
Knuckledust Lucidstatic feat. The Plastic Eulogy 4:13
Little Human Puppets Lucidstatic 4:56
Lost Broadcast Lucidstatic 6:07
Lost Broadcast (Jammed Transmission remix) Lucidstatic 4:12
Lost Broadcast (Transmission remix) Lucidstatic 5:14
Lost Broadcast (Worms of the Earth remix) Lucidstatic 5:13
Lost Inner Struggle (Persian Mynx remix) Lucidstatic 4:24
Low Bit Terror Virtual Terrorist feat. Lucidstatic 3:53
Man Who Wasn't There Lucidstatic 3:24
Man Who Wasn't There (Ghosts in the Clocktower remix) Lucidstatic 5:41
Man Who Wasn't There (Overt mix by Unterm Rad) Lucidstatic 4:05
Mercy of a Bullet Lucidstatic 4:12
Militant Lucidstatic 5:36
Misplaced Lucidstatic 5:25
Moments at a Cliff Lucidstatic 4:23
Morter Lucidstatic 5:37
Mystery Lucidstatic 4:47
N.E.P. Lucidstatic 5:54
N.E.P. Human Error vs. Lucidstatic 6:01
N.E.P. (New Economic Plague remix) Lucidstatic 3:44
N.E.P. (original) Lucidstatic 3:06

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