Petra (American Christian hardrock band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Praise Ye the Lord Petra 4 3:19
Prayer Petra 5 4:15
Praying Man Petra 4:28
Praying Man (Double Take version) Petra 4:30
Radio Daze Petra 5:17
Ready, Willing and Able Petra 4:13
Rey de Reyes Petra 1:47
Right Place Petra 3:41
Right Place (Farewell version) Petra 3:58
Road to Zion Petra 3 4:01
Rock Medley: Sight Unseen / It Is Finished / Think Twice / I Am on the Rock / Midnight Oil / Mine Field / This Means War / It Is Finished Petra 10:05
Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows Petra 4 4:20
Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows Classic Petra 4:13
Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows (Classic Petra Live) Classic Petra 4:44
Run for Cover Petra 3:17
Run for the Prize Petra 3 4:32
Sacred Trust Petra 3:52
Sally Petra 3 4:28
Salvation Belongs to Our God Petra 2:58
Second Wind Petra 3 4:37
Second Wind Classic Petra 4:37
Second Wind (Classic Petra Live) Classic Petra 4:55
Secret Weapon Petra 4:01
Seen and Not Heard Petra 3:54
Send Revival (Alien Youth version) Petra 4:26
Send Revival, Start With Me Petra 5:30
Señor Llévame A Tus Atrios Petra 4:13
Set for Life Petra 3:56
Shadow of a Doubt Petra 3:27
Shakin’ the House Petra 4:29
Show Your Power Petra 4:11
Sight Unseen Petra 5 3:57
Sincerely Yours Petra 4:16
Sleeping Giant Petra 5:28
Somebody’s Gonna Praise His Name Petra 4:02
Song of Moses (Rev. 15:3-4) Petra 4:17
Speak to the Sky Petra 4:19
Speak to the Sky (Live) Petra 4:06
St. Augustine's Pears Petra 3:49
Stand Petra 3:19
Stand in the Gap Petra 4:32
Stand Up Petra 3 3:35
Stand Up (live) Petra 1:58
Storm Comin' Petra 3 4:31
Strong Convictions Petra 3:53
Take Me In Petra 4:14
Taste and See Petra 3 3:28
Te Alabo Petra 2:47
Te Exaltamos Petra 3:43
Test of Time Petra 3:01
Test of Time (Farewell version) Petra 3:23
Thankful Heart Petra 5 3:19
The Battle Belongs to the Lord Petra 3:06
The Coloring Song Petra 4.5 2:54
The Coloring Song (Double Take version) Petra 3:29
The Holiest Name Petra 3:36
The Invitation Petra 4:29
The King of Glory Shall Come In Petra 3:13
The Longing Petra 2:57
The Mellow Medley: More Power to Ya Petra 2:40
The Mellow Medley: Road to Zion Petra 1:15
The Mellow Medley: The Coloring Song Petra 1:09
The Noise We Make Petra 5:05
The Praise Medley: Hallelujah Chorus Petra 0:58
The Praise Medley: Let Everything That Hath Breath Petra 2:18
The Praise Medley: Praise Ye the Lord Petra 2:29
The Praise Medley: Without Him We Can Do Nothing Petra 2:37
The Prodigal's Song Petra 4:04
The Rock Block Petra 8:13
The Rock Medley: Judas’ Kiss Petra 2:48
The Rock Medley: Not By Sight Petra 1:24
The Rock Medley: Stand Up Petra 1:59
The Water Is Alive Petra 3:51
Think on These Things Petra 4:24
Think Twice Petra 4:19
This Means War (Double Take version) Petra 5:40
This Means War! Petra 5 3:31
Till Everything I Do Petra 3:04
Too Big To Fail Classic Petra 4:26
Too Big To Fail (Classic Petra Live) Classic Petra 4:50
Tu Nombre Santo Es Petra 4:10
Two Are Better Than One Petra 3:43
Underground Petra 4:34
Underneath the Blood Petra 3:31
Visions (Doxology) Petra 1 2:01
Visions (Doxology) (Live) Petra 0:37
Visions (reprise) (Doxology) Petra 2 2:26
Voice in the Wind Petra 4:31
Wake Up Petra 3 3:41
Walkin' in the Light Petra 4 3:17
We Exalt Thee Petra 3:47
We Hold Our Hearts Out to You Petra 4:12
We Hold Our Hearts Out to You (2003 version) Petra 4:18
We Need Jesus Petra 5 4:13
We Need Jesus (2003 version) Petra 4:03
We Want to See Jesus Lifted High Petra 3:03
What’s in a Name Petra 3:35
Where Can I Go Petra 3 3:53
Who do you listen to? Petra 3:30
Who's on the Lord's Side? Petra 3:54

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