Fields of the Nephilim (English gothic rock band)

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Zoon is an album by Carl McCoy's The Nefilim. Please do not add that album to this band.

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1987DawnrazorFields of the Nephilim3.757
1988The NephilimFields of the Nephilim3.8510
1990EliziumFields of the Nephilim4.38
2002FallenFields of the Nephilim3.57
2005Mourning SunFields of the Nephilim46

Album + Compilation

1991LauraFields of the Nephilim32
1993RevelationsFields of the Nephilim47
1993Revelations (music video compilation)Fields of the Nephilim1
2001From Gehenna to HereFields of the Nephilim42
2002Revelations / Forever Remain / Visionary HeadsFields of the Nephilim1
2006Genesis & RevelationFields of the Nephilim42
20135 AlbumsFields of the Nephilim1
2013Singles & MixesFields of the Nephilim2
2024Burning the Fields LPFields of the Nephilim1

Album + Live

1988Forever RemainFields of the Nephilim3
1988BBC Radio 1 LiveFields of the Nephilim2
1991Earth InfernoFields of the Nephilim3.55
1991Visionary HeadsFields of the Nephilim1
2008Paradise RegainedFields of the Nephilim1
2012Ceromonies: Ad Mortem Ad VitamFields of the Nephilim5


1986PowerFields of the Nephilim4.52
1987Preacher ManFields of the Nephilim53
1987Blue WaterFields of the Nephilim42
1988PsychonautFields of the Nephilim4.57
1988MoonchildFields of the Nephilim53
1990For Her LightFields of the Nephilim35
1990SumerlandFields of the Nephilim6
2000One More NightmareFields of the Nephilim4
2002From the FireFields of the Nephilim3
2005Straight to the LightFields of the Nephilim2
2016ProphecyFields of the Nephilim2


1985Burning the Fields EPFields of the Nephilim4.55
1986Returning to GehennaFields of the Nephilim52
1987DawnrazorFields of the Nephilim1
1989Morphic FieldsFields of the Nephilim1

EP + Demo

1985Fields of the NephilimFields of the Nephilim1


1989In Concert-451Fields of the Nephilim / Iron Maiden1

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