Alexkid (French DJ)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
I Think (live at Factory) Alexkid feat. B.J. Cole & Paolo Fresu 6:46
Instrulento Alexkid ?:??
Jazz Course Alexkid ?:??
Jazz Course Alexkid FRV229900018 5:05
Jazz Course Alexkid ?:??
Jezzabells Alexkid ?:??
Lampara Alexkid ?:??
Love Letters Alexkid FRV220600650 5:42
Love Letters (Marc Romboy remix) Alexkid ?:??
Love We Have Alexkid feat. Ian James Whitelaw 5:19
Love We Have Alexkid ?:??
Luna (Full Moon remix) Alexkid 5:38
Luna (Full Moon remix) Alexkid 5:34
Luna (Full Moon remix) Astor Piazzolla remixed by Alexkid 5:34
Luna (Full Moon Remix) Alex Kid 5:41
Mare Alta Alexkid FRV220600690 5:50
Maybe Alexkid FRV229700083 4:18
Maybe (Tape mix) Alexkid FRV220100046 4:16
Mint Alexkid feat. Jon Hassell 4:33
Mocco Alexkid ?:??
Mousseur Dub Alexkid 7:49
Night Lines Alexkid 5:56
Night Lines Alexkid FRV220100054 6:26
Night Lines Alexkid FRV229800027 10:02
Nightlines Alexkid 6:21
Nightshade Alexkid FRV220600640 3:56
Nightshade Alexkid feat. Lissette Alea 3:56
Nightshade (Chicken Lips vocal mix) Alexkid feat. Lissette Alea 7:05
Nightshade (Gomez edit) Alexkid 2:39
Nightshade (Rodriguez Junior mix) Alexkid feat. Lissette Alea 5:55
Nightshade (Rodriguez Junior mix) Alexkid with Liset Alea 4:41
Not Every Angel Alexkid FRV220100052 4:21
Not Every Angel Alexkid 4:05
Not Every Angel Alexkid feat. Hanifah Walidah 1:42
Nurse Nibs Alexkid & Vista Le Vie 4:14
On My Mind (Llorca's Akoophunk mix) Alexkid 3:39
On My Mind (Main mix) (part of “Mastercuts Beach Bar” DJ-mix) Alexkid feat. Nicole Graham 5:00
Orm Alexkid FRV220600670 4:53
Palma Alexkid 7:21
Palma Alexkid 7:19
Palma Alexkid ?:??
Palma Alexkid 3:01
Pick It Up Alexkid feat. Hanifah Walidah 4:56
Pick It Up Alexkid 4:56
Pick It Up Alexkid feat. Hanifah Walidah 4:59
Pick It Up Alexkid ?:??
Pick It Up (part of a “Balance 009: Paolo Mojo” DJ‐mix) Alexkid feat. Hanifah Walidah 5:36
Pick It Up (Alexkid & DJ Seep club Chicken Combo N°2) Alexkid 3:57
Pick It Up (Black Strobe remix) Alexkid 3:38
Pick It Up (Blackstrobe remix edit) Alexkid 3:58
Pick It Up (Blackstrobe remix) Alexkid 6:59
Pick It Up (Jack Lahana remix) Alexkid 3:39
Pick It Up (Jack Lahana remix) Alexkid 4:10
Pick It Up (radio edit) Alexkid 3:41
Pick It Up (Riton Re-dub edit) Alexkid 4:02
Pick It Up (Riton Re-Rub) Alexkid 5:29
Riverflow Alexkid FRV220600620 1:57
Rupture Alexkid ?:??
Sand Francisco Alexkid FRV229800028 10:10
Sandfrancisco (F100 Tsunamix) Alexkid FRV229800056 6:04
Santa Baby (remix) Alexkid & DJ Seep 3:34
Sheiker Alexkid ?:??
Soul Collage Alexkid ?:??
Soul College Alexkid 4:31
Soul College Alexkid FRV229900016 6:26
Strawberry Lane Alexkid 5:54
Strawberry Lane Alexkid FRV220100053 5:54
Trindade Alexkid feat. Jérôme Badini 6:16
Turn It Round Again Alexkid feat. Ian James Whitelaw 3:51
Turn It Round Again Alexkid 3:47
Turn It Round Again Alexkid feat. Ian James Whitelaw 3:30
Turn It Round Again (part of a “MoS: Chillout Sessions 8” DJ‐mix) Alexkid 3:40
U's Song Alexkid FRV220000067 5:28
U's Song (Early mix) Alexkid FRV220000067 5:30
U's Song (Early mix) Alexkid 5:16
U's Variation Alexkid FRV220100051 4:29
Uno Alexkid 6:26
Whatidid Alexkid FRV220000069 1:51
Where Alexkid 4:37
Where Alexkid 4:37
Where Alexkid ?:??
Who Said Maybe Alexkid ?:??
Who Said Maybe? Alexkid FRV229900019 4:07
Yonqui Alexkid 8:17
Yonqui Alexkid 4:10

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