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Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Key 3:27
The Key ?:??
The Key (part of “Ministry of Sound: Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza Summer 2001” DJ-mix) 3:59
The Key (part of “Ministry of Sound” DJ-mix) 2:59
The Key (part of “Ultra Trance: Vol. One” DJ-mix) 4:30
The Key (part of a “Lagered! The Next Level” DJ‐mix) 4:15
The Key (part of a “MoS: Trance Nation America Two” DJ‐mix) 4:07
The Key (Adam Dived mix) 7:14
The Key (Adam Dived No Vox remix) 8:21
The Key (Adam Dived Vox remix) 8:23
The Key (Natural Born Grooves remix) 6:17
The Key (original mix) 4:34
The Key (original mix) 8:27
The Key (original mix) 8:26
The Key (original mix) 5:50
The Key (original mix) (part of “Trance Anthems 2” DJ-mix) 3:57
The Key (original mix) (part of a “Trance: The Ultimate Collection, Volume 1 (2002)” DJ‐mix) 3:38
The Key (original mix) (part of a“Progressions Into Trance 2” DJ‐mix) 3:42
The Key (radio edit) 3 2:17
The Key (radio edit) 2:35
The Key (radio edit) 2:38
The Key (The Crazy Drummer remix) 7:15

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