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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] Choclair 3:43
[untitled] Choclair 4:19
[untitled] Choclair 4:03
[untitled] Choclair 4:28
[untitled] Choclair 4:35
[untitled] Choclair 2:54
2 Shots of G.M. Choclair feat. E3 3:25
3Some Choclair feat. Solitair 4:04
21 Years Choclair 4:04
All I Need in This World Is You Choclair 4:40
Apple Pie Choclair 2:41
As It Is Rascalz feat. Choclair 3:42
Back 2 Back (Radio Version) DaForcefeaturingChoclair US6R21420476 4 3:01
Back Where I've Stayed Choclair ?:??
Back Where I’ve Stayed Choclair 3:53
Bare Witness Choclair feat. Guru 3:54
Bare Witness Choclair feat. Guru 3:42
Bare Witness Choclair feat. Guru 3:43
Bare Witness Choclair & Guru of Gang Starr 3:42
Bare Witness (instrumental) Choclair ?:??
Bare Witness (main mix) Choclair feat. Guru ?:??
Bare Witness (radio edit) Choclair feat. Guru ?:??
Body Language Saukrates feat. Choclair ?:??
Body Language Da Grassroots feat. Saukrates & Choclair FR33Y0500171 3:35
Body Language Saukrates feat. Choclair ?:??
Body Language Choclair feat. Saukrates 3:32
Body Language Saukrates feat. Choclair 2:31
Body Language Da Grassroots feat. Choclair & Saukrates 3:27
Boyz II Men k‐os feat. Saukrates, Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, King Reign & Shad 5:37
Brainwaves Choclair feat. Marvel 5:04
Bump! Choclair feat. Mr. Roam 4:03
Choclair (feat. Guru, Bare Witness) Choclair 3:54
Choclair (feat. Jully Black, Rollin) Choclair 5:30
Choclair (feat. Memphis Bleek, Young Gunz) Choclair 4:09
Choclair (feat. Rascalz, Die Hard) Choclair 4:54
Choclair (feat. Saukrates, Rubbin) Choclair 3:44
Choclair (feat. Soltair & Kardinal Offishall, S.O.T.) Choclair 4:39
Circle Connection Choclair feat. Solitair 4:38
Conversations Choclair feat. Solitair & Marvel 3:29
Da Chiznock Choclair 4:44
Da Chiznock Choclair 4:44
Desensitize Karl Wolf feat. Choclair 4:06
Die Hard Choclair feat. Rascalz & Saukrates 4:55
Fire Choclair 3:46
First Thing Choclair 4:28
Flagrant Choclair feat. Saukrates 3:50
Flagrant Choclair 4:25
Flagrant Choclair 4:33
Flagrant Choclair 3:53 Ft. Young Mic, Frankii & Bosch Saye feat. Choclair & Suspect CAA0Q1442109 3:46
Freestyle Choklair ?:??
Fresh Choclair feat. Solitair 4:50
Fresh Choclair 4:51
Fresh Choclair feat. Kardinal Offishall 3:48
Funk Yard Dawg Choclair 4:13
Glistenin’ Choclair 3:20
Grand Marnier Choclair 4:16
Hold Dat (street version) DJ JS-One feat. Choclair & Solitair ?:??
Hot Marshmellows Choclair 5:01
Hot This Year Choclair feat. Saukrates 3:57
Ice Cold Choclair feat. Ro Ro Dolla, Saukrates & Solitair 4:37
Ice Cold Choclair 4:37
Internal Affairs Choclair feat. Kardinal Offishall, Marvel & Frankenstein 4:09
Intro Choclair feat. Manal "Prima" Hajj 0:22
Intro Choclair 0:13
Intro Choclair 0:22
Intro Choclair 0:27
Intro Choclair & Solitair 2:44
Jambone Choclair feat. Ro Ro Dolla 4:30
Jambone Choclair 4:30
Just a Second Choclair 4:26
Just a Second (Placebo Old Skool remix) Choclair ?:??
Just a Second (remix) Choclair feat. Tara Chase 3:35
Kardi’s PSA Choclair 0:40
Legacy Choclair 5:01
Let's Ride Choclair 3:37
Let's Ride Choclair 3:39
Let's Ride Choclair 3:38
Let’s Ride Choclair feat. Saukrates 4:21
Let’s Ride Choclair 3:45
Let’s Ride (instrumental) Choclair ?:??
Let’s Ride (main mix) Choclair ?:??
Let’s Ride (radio edit) Choclair ?:??
Light It Up Choclair feat. Jully Black 3:55
Light It Up Choclair 3:29
Love 'em All Baby Blue Soundcrew feat. Choclair & Mr. Mims 4:04
Love ’em All Choclair feat. Baby Blue Soundcrew / Mr Mims 3:52
Love ’em All Baby Blue Soundcrew feat. Mr. Mims & Choclair 4:38
Mach 4 Choclair feat. Kardinal Offishall 4:38
Mr. Savage Choclair 3:59
Northern Touch Rascalz feat. Kardinal Offishall, Thrust, Choclair & Checkmate 4:02
Northern Touch Rascalz feat. Kardinal Offishall, Thrust, Choclair & Checkmate ?:??
Quintessential Maestro feat. Choclair, Black‐I & In Essence 4:00
Rockwell’s PSA Choclair 0:26
Roll Sumthin’ Choclair feat. Saukrates 4:22
Rollin' Choclair feat. Jully Black 3:40
Rollin’ Choclair 5:30
Rubbin' Choclair 0:50
Rubbin’ Choclair feat. Saukrates 3:44
Runnin’ Wid Us Choclair feat. Kardinal Offishall 3:40

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