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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Make Me Your Own good-cool feat. Raj Ramayya 1:59
Make Me Your Own (Nonstop Mix by DJ HICO) good-cool ft. RajRamayya 1:56
Make Your Move good-cool feat. JP miles 1:39
Make Your Move good-cool 2:26
Make Your Move (Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK NONSTOP MEGAMIX) good-cool feat. JP miles 0:42
Miracle 4 good-cool 2:07
Miracle☆4 (Long Tours mix) good-cool 4:07
Move Me good-cool feat. Raj Ramayya 2:03
Move Me (PSE vs. WBC mix) (feat. Raj Ramayya) (remixed by Elektel) good-cool 4:59
never let you down good-cool feat. JP miles 1:37
never let you down (Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK NONSTOP MEGAMIX) good-cool feat. JP miles 1:17
Never Let You Down good-cool 2:43
Nofia good-cool 2:30
Over the Night good-cool ?:??
Over The Night good-cool 1:41
Overwhelming good-cool 1:34
Overwhelming good-cool 2:09
PITA☆ゴラス☆KISS (long version) good-cool 4:16
PITAゴラス☆KISS good-cool ft. バッチ恋トシ 2:00
SA-DA-ME (feat. すわひでお) good-cool ?:??
SA-DA-ME (long version) (feat. すわひでお) good-cool ?:??
Saturday Night Groove good-cool 5:15
Secrets good-cool ft. CHiCO JPM200900177 ?:??
Secrets (long version) good-cool 4:22
Sense good-cool 1:47
Sense good-cool 2:20
Sense 2007 good-cool ?:??
Sense 2007 good-cool 1:59
Sense 2007 (long 2009 version) good-cool 4:11
Shake It Down good-cool 1:29
Shake It Down good-cool 2:18
Show & Tell good-cool ft. MAKI 4:51
Skyscraper good-cool 1:37
Skyscraper good-cool 2:26
Skyscraper good-cool 1:37
Somebody Like You good-cool 1:54
Somebody Like You good-cool 2:27
Spin the disc good-cool 1:34
Spin the disc good-cool 1:34
Spin the Disc good-cool 2:58
Spooky good-cool 2:01
Spooky good-cool 2:24
Spooky good-cool 2:02
Street For Student good-cool 2:04
Sunrise good-cool feat. KOЯO 2:02
Think of me good-cool feat. Sana 1:59
Think of Me (Asylum mix) good-cool feat. Sana 5:42
Time is money good-cool 1:44
Turning the Motor Over (Long Drive mix) good-cool 4:14
Twenty Four - Seven good-cool 4:39
Under Construction good-cool 1:37
Under Construction good-cool 2:02
Under Construction good-cool 1:38
VJ Army good-cool 1:56
VJ ARMY good-cool 1:56
Walnuts good-cool 1:51
Walnuts ~ 田んぼの田 good-cool ft. すわひでお 7:52
WHITE BIRDS (Long Mirage mix) good-cool 4:13
with you -X-Sota Mix- good-cool 4:20
You Were The One good-cool ft. Brenda Vaughn 2:02
Your Body good-cool feat. Andrea L. Hopkins 2:00
Zanzibar good-cool 2:40
コヨーテの行方 good-cool feat. 山下直子 ?:??
ピエロのままで good-cool ft. ATSUSHI from NEW ROTE’KA 1:51
ピエロのままで (long version) good-cool 4:07
ボンビースキップ!! good-cool ft. すわひでお 1:57
乙経忍不住了 (feat. ミッキー・マサシ) good-cool 1:52
変じゃない!! good-cool ft. すわひでお 1:54
夜のサングラス good-cool feat. すわひでお 2:00
夜のサングラス good-cool feat. すわひでお 2:00
已経恋不住了 (long version) good-cool 4:07
恋のキャッチボール (feat. すわひでお) good-cool 1:55
憧れのボディービル!! good-cool ft. すわひでお 1:57
憧れのボディービル!! good-cool ft. すわひでお 4:35
憧れのボディービル!! (Long Version) good-cool ft. すわひでお 4:18
流星☆ハニー Perforation Mix 新谷あきら Rmx by good-cool 2:04
田んぼの田 good-cool feat.すわひでお 1:53
田んぼの田 (long version) good-cool 4:18
紅ノ桃 good-cool ft. Jouei from 閃-4-AIM JPM201000185 2:01
good-cool 1:54
good-cool 1:55
罠 (long version) good-cool 4:38
逆ナンされたのにドタキャン!! good-cool ft. すわひでお 2:00
雪月花 -Double Dragon Mix- good-cool 4:34
麗破唖甦〜rebirth〜 good-cool ft.AYANO JPM201000163 2:03

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