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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Peter Pan: Croc Music [theatre] 0:57
Peter Pan: Dream With Me [theatre] 4:41
Peter Pan: Fight [theatre] 3:43
Peter Pan: Flight Music [theatre] 0:31
Peter Pan: Flight to Neverland [theatre] 0:18
Peter Pan: Hook's Poison [theatre] 0:52
Peter Pan: Indian-Pirate Fight [theatre] 0:23
Peter Pan: Lagoon Fight [theatre] 0:43
Peter Pan: Neverland [theatre] 1:58
Peter Pan: Peter and Wendy in the Nursery [theatre] 8:47
Peter Pan: Peter Peter [theatre] 2:58
Peter Pan: Peter, Peter [theatre] 4:57
Peter Pan: Peter's Tears [theatre] 0:35
Peter Pan: Pirate Song [theatre] 2:08
Peter Pan: Pirate Song (reprise) [theatre] 0:14
Peter Pan: Plank Round [theatre] 2:16
Peter Pan: Prelude - Act I [theatre] 0:58
Peter Pan: Prelude - Act II [theatre] 1:26
Peter Pan: Prelude - Act III [theatre] 0:57
Peter Pan: Scene Change [theatre] 2:04
Peter Pan: Scene Change [theatre] 2:03
Peter Pan: Scene Change [theatre] 2:23
Peter Pan: Scene Change [theatre] 2:05
Peter Pan: Shadow Dance [theatre] 1:03
Peter Pan: Spring Will Come Again [theatre] 3:27
Peter Pan: The Battle [theatre] 6:20
Peter Pan: The Cake [theatre] 1:32
Peter Pan: The Children Fly Home [theatre] 5:27
Peter Pan: The Darling Family at Home [theatre] 8:19
Peter Pan: The Lost Boys [theatre] 2:15
Peter Pan: The Pirate Ship [theatre] 0:55
Peter Pan: The Pirate Song [theatre] 1:59
Peter Pan: The Plank [theatre] 0:43
Peter Pan: Tinkerbell Sick / Tink Lives! [theatre] 1:33
Peter Pan: Underscore [theatre] 0:28
Peter Pan: Wendy Plays Mother [theatre] 1:40
Peter Pan: Wendy's Entrance [theatre] 0:11
Peter Pan: Who Am I? [theatre] 2:30
Peter Pan: Who Am I? [theatre] 3:45
Pity the Poor 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 1976 original Broadway cast ?:??
Play (Ensemble Version, Bonus Track:) Original Broadway Cast of Finding Neverland 4:31
Play-Out Music Band 2:27
Playoff 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 1976 original Broadway cast ?:??
Pooh’s Finale Cast, Zooey Deschanel and Robert Lopez 1:05
Pop Muzik Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (2006 original Sydney cast) 2:16
Porgy and Bess: Clara, Don't You Be Downhearted The Company 2:05
Porgy and Bess: Crap Game The Company 1:37
Porgy and Bess: Gone, Gone, Gone The Company 3:34
Porgy and Bess: Oh, Doctor Jesus (Reprise) The Company 1:24
Porgy and Bess: Oh, I Can't Sit Down The Company 2:35
Porgy and Bess: Oh, The Lord Shake the Heaven The Company 4:02
Porgy and Bess: Overture Orchestra 2:23
Porgy and Bess: The Killing of Robbins The Company 4:23
Právo je síla sbor 4:45
Pray for the Lights to Go Out [theatre] 1:54
Precious Boy Lion King Cast (New York, United States) 3:46
Předehra sbor 0:47
Předehra (1499) Sbor 3:29
Prelude Les Cagelles and Company, Donald Pippin 3:01
Prelude [theatre] 4:50
Prelude / Lift 'em Up and Put 'em Down Chorus, Orchestra ?:??
Prélude Versaillais (instrumental) La Troupe du Roi Soleil FR7T20500025 2:13
Prelude: Anything Goes [theatre] 0:58
Preludium The Nuns 2:20
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord (Godspell, 1973 film cast) Godspell Cast 1:56
Price and Son Theme / The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Full Company 6:20
Processional (The Sound of Music, 1961 original London cast) Ensemble 3:29
Processional / Maria Organ, Orchestra and Nuns Chorus USRC16401497 2:30
Processional and Maria Organ, Orchestra and Nuns Chorus 2:29
Processional and Maria (The Wedding) Organ, Orchestra and Nuns Chorus USRC16406221 2:28
Processional and Maria (The Wedding) Organ, Orchestra & Nuns’ Chorus 2:29
Processional Waltz (not on original soundtrack album) Orchestra 1:21
Prolog Original Halle Cast 1:33
Prologue [theatre] 4:36
Prologue [theatre] 4:15
Prologue [theatre] ?:??
Prologue [theatre] 5:34
Prologue Orchestra 0:51
Prologue Orchestra 7:25
Prologue Original Broadway Cast of Finding Neverland 1:41
Prologue (Godspell, 1993 London studio cast) Company 5:03
Prologue (West Side Story, 1993 London studio cast) [theatre] 4:39
Prologue / Let the Devil Take Us Danny Rutigliano, Las Vegas Legends, Showroom Patrons, Street Whores, Robert Billig 12:12
Prologue: Into the Woods Company USWD11469166 14:36
Promenade [theatre] 0:29
Quand la mer monte [theatre] 5:39
Queen of the Night Alexandra Burke & "The Bodyguard - The Musical" World Premiere Cast Female Ensemble 2:44
Quiet [theatre] 3:49
Quintet Company 3:38
Quintet [theatre] ?:??
Rachel Marron Entrance "The Bodyguard - The Musical" World Premiere Orchestra 0:24
Radio Ga Ga (“Wetten Das” German TV live performance, 2004) The German Cast 1:44
Radio Ga Ga (Deutsche version) (We Will Rock You, 2005 Köln cast) Ga Ga Kids 3:56
Radio Ga-Ga Ensemble 3:49
Raise You Up / Just Be Full Company 6:09
Rehearse 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 1976 original Broadway cast ?:??
Rehearse (reprise) / Finale 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 1976 original Broadway cast ?:??
Rent: Seasons of Love [theatre] 2:53
Ring Them Bells Band ?:??
Robert Mitchum Naked Boys Singing! 1998 Los Angeles cast 4:05

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