Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Bowl Too Far (Smokin Piss Weed) 0:47
A Few More Bars of the Retarded 0:40
A Lack of Wires Is Turning Me Into a Troll 0:19
Automated Doody Stick Dispenser 0:28
Banging That Girl 0:37
Bigger Boat Legged Women 0:14
Choking on Human Cinder Shit 0:31
Coffee 0:19
Completely Nubular Pointed Shoes 0:07
Concentration 0:21
Concrete Block Cunticide 0:43
Deadly Cottage 0:26
Dog Got Knocked the Fuck Out 0:28
Doing Bad Things to Her Butt With My Mind 0:52
Drink It 0:21
Food Stealing Funeral Crasher 0:31
Fuck Her in the Ass Punch Her in the Head 1:40
Good Knights 0:14
Hand Me the Fucking Keys 0:30
Hiding From the Normalities of Existence 0:32
I'll Buy That for a Dollar 0:27
I've Got Freak Soup 1:02
Kickin' My Ass 0:23
Lets Be Friends 0:15
Lizard Death 0:11
Monsters and Wolves 0:30
Mortal Cock Bat 0:54
Oooooh I'm Dying 0:18
Prehistoric Blunt 0:12
Puddle of Drool 0:16
Punish You Good 0:27
Puny Earthlings 0:39
Raining a Storm of Confusion 1:11
Space Jungle 0:32
Sputnik 0:35
The Ants Wanna Eat the Freak 0:51
They Come Out and Go on the Thing 1:14
Ultra Maximizing in the Taj Mahal 0:48
Vomit Stuffed Rectum 1:00
Year of the Insane 21520 0:28

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