Schultz (French Dark Electro Artist)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
04.24 Hours Are Not Enought Non Stop (remix by Tendrill) Schultz 5:04
05.24 Hours Are Not Enought (Timedestroyer mix by Jack Horrid) Schultz 4:36
06.Schultz - 24 Hours Are Not Enought (remix by Traumatize) Schultz 4:06
07.24 Hours Are Not Enought (Elegias Psyche remix) Schultz 4:12
11.Schultz a World of Money (remix by Traumatize) Schultz 4:35
12.Schultz Warsaw (remix by Flesh Eating Foundation) Schultz 3:44
13.Schultz a World of Money (Chalturas remix by Ahc) Schultz 5:13
14.Schultz Fuck Buddy (Fucked remix by Hexis) Schultz 4:15
15.Schultz a World of Money (Power Corrupts remix by Gunmetal Grey) Schultz 4:25
16.Schultz Warsaw (Gunfight remix by Horrid) Schultz 4:57
24 Hours Are Not Enough Schultz 3:52
24 Hours Are Not Enough Schultz 3:50
A House, a Customer Schultz 7:58
A World of Money Schultz 3:52
Animal Insanity Schultz 4:27
Animals Are Better Than Humans Schultz 3:09
Backroom Schultz 3:08
Biomekanikal (long edit) Schultz 4:46
BioMekanikal (Long Edit) Schultz 4:44
Black Sunday Schultz ?:??
Breakfast Schultz 3:18
Bulls Are Not Always Red Schultz 2:54
Burn in Hell Schultz feat. Cy-Gor 3:57
Ça Va Etre... Schultz feat. VDREY 5:08
Cerebral Convulsion Schultz 3:06
Crackhead Schultz 3:01
Criminal Schultz 4:12
Criminal (Waks Remix) Schultz 6:27
Deviance Sexuelles (Slayv Axis remix) Schultz 4:18
Deviances Sexuelles Schultz 4:14
Deviances Sexuelles (Hiv+ remix)+Wump Schultz 10:39
Do You Think I M Really a Toy? Schultz 3:32
Do You Think I'm Really a Toy? VDREY feat. Schultz 3:29
Drugs Are Sin Schultz 3:53
Electronikal Disease Schultz 3:32
Electronikal Disease Schultz 3:30
Enter the Milk Schultz 3:00
Epilepsie Schultz 2:56
F*ck Buddy Schultz 3:52
Hard Dog Schultz 3:33
Hpf by Mlada Fronta Schultz 5:38
Hypnotikal Schultz 3:39
I M Your God Schultz 5:36
Is It Sex? Schultz 4:26
Jesus Is Gay Schultz 5:12
La Mort Schultz 4:13
La Mort Schultz 4:14
La Revolte Des Machines Schultz 3:01
Machine 857 Schultz 3:46
Machine 857 Schultz 3:44
Mekanikal Schultz 3:13
Musik Is Breaking My Head Schultz 2:51
Mutilations Schultz 3:13
My World (dirty K remix) Schultz 4:31
My World (E39 Reconstruction) Schultz 4:05
My World (Synchromode remix) Schultz 5:08
My World... Schultz 3:43
Nekrophilia Schultz 3:53
Nuklear Revenge Schultz 4:20
Organik Schultz 4:13
Organik (SiG-nal Effect Remix) Schultz 5:19
Panik Schultz 4:07
Pig Wanker Schultz 2:53
Psykiatrik Area Schultz 4:31
Pyromania Schultz 5:11
Reject Schultz 4:25
Rejected (Rejected remixed by Hyperdriver) Schultz 3:37
Schultz Enter the Milk (Ultraviolence Myx by Gunmetal Grey) Schultz 4:05
Schultz Milk/Tastes Like Sunshine Mix (Joshy Neurotic mix) Schultz 4:03
Schultz Vdrey - Deviances Sexuelles (Vdrey Rmx) Schultz 3:21
Slaughterhouse Schultz 8:33
Sometimes I Love Making Noize Schultz 3:10
Sub Sonik Noize Schultz 3:45
The Hospital Schultz 1:00
The Sound of C (Confetti's cover) Schultz feat. VDREY 4:29
Today Schultz 4:48
Today Schultz 4:16
Today (Bitch Per Minutes remix) Schultz 4:23
Today (Forsaken Corpse Sick mix) Schultz 4:14
Under the Bombs Schultz 0:56
Wake Up Schultz 4:07
War n' Sex Schultz 3:29
Warsaw Schultz 3:47
We Never Can Help Anyone Schultz 3:18
Whore.And.Religion Schultz 3:50
Willkommen Schultz 3:36
Willkommen (Organic / Synthetic Mix) Schultz 5:41

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