Marc Smith (Scottish DJ and producer)

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member of: Served Chilled
performs as: Dark Myth
Terminal Force
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Catch Me
Hardcore Disco, Part II turntable Bass X 1:29
Give Yourself to Me Marc Smith 4:23
Revival Marc Smith 4:24
Cannonball (Scott Brown mix) (feat. Fran) Weaver & Andy L 2:53
Do It Like We Do (Al Storm mix) Scott Brown 2:09
Enlighted (DJ Weaver remix) Scott Brown 4:27
Environmental Product Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. 1:52
Fall Into Your Arms Scott Brown & DMO 3:26
Floor Damage Darwin 1:38
Get Away (Gammer remix) Frisky & Hujib 5:14
Hold You in My Arms Scott Brown & Kelly C 4:21
I Can Feel You Now Sean Apollo & DMO 3:21
I Can't Stand It DJ Fracus 4:19
I Will Have That Power (The Stunned Guys remix) Hard Creation 4:32
Let It Hit Em Marc Smith 4:44
Livewired Scott Brown 3:48
Moonlight Party (DJ Kurt remix) Fonzerelli 4:33
Nasty Time Robbie Long & Stormtrooper 3:31
No More (feat. Ant Johnson) Darwin vs. Rampant 3:58
Paradise DJ Weaver & DMO 2:56
Party Alarm Joey Riot 3:35
Runaway (Exclusive Bonkers mix) Al Storm, Mike Euphony & Donna Marie 2:33
The Future Is Ours (Panic & Tha Playah remix) Men of Steel 3:27
You Can Dance DJ Marc Smith & Gammer 5:08
Bonkers 15: Legends of the Core medium 2 Hixxy & Re-Con / Sharkey & Marc Smith / Scott Brown & Neophyte / Dougal & Gammer
Death by Stereo Sharkey feat. Marc Smith 7:27
I Can Rock the Party guest Scott Brown vs. Marc Smith 5:27
Boom 'N' Pow (Exclusive Marc Smith Bonkers remix) Marc Smith 4:16
Product of Society (Marc Smith Bump + Grind mix) Sharkey 7:41
Building Shaker M Smith