Eureka Machines (Leeds based Rock/Power Pop/Punk band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
(I'm) Wasting My Time (Yet Again) 3:40
A Ballad to Finish 2:52
Affluenza 3:59
Arnald 2:48
Beginning of the End of the World 3:06
Being Good Is OK, but Being Better's Better ?:??
Being Good Is Okay, But Being Better's Better 2:26
Being Good Is Okay, but Being Better’s Better 2:26
Believe in Anything 3:52
Brainwaves 3:00
Break Stuff 4:30
Champion the Underdog 3:59
Do or Die 4:08
Eternal Machines 4:07
Every Day I Thank The World I Cut You Off 3:56
Everyone Loves You 3:14
Everyone Loves You 3:15
Everything's Fine 6:15
Getting Away 3:01
Godot's Arrived 5:07
Going Down 3:55
Good Guys Finish Last 3:03
Goody Two Shoes ?:??
Human 2:49
I Miss You 6:12
Kids In America ?:??
Living in Squalor 5:21
Living in Squalor 4:39
Love Yourself 5:36
Magnets 3:52
Neuro Bolero 4:09
None of the Above 3:22
Paranoia 2:23
Pop Star 3:42
Professional Crastinator 5:19
Red Wine Smile 2:55
Red Wine Smile 3:05
Scream Eureka 3:53
Scream Eureka 3:21
Scream Eureka (live) 3:42
She Sings to Me 4:16
Sleep Deprivation 3:57
Television 3:38
The Best Night of My Life 3:51
The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall 4:41
The Golden Lonely 3:39
The Light at the End of the Tunnel 11:49
The Light at the End of the Tunnel 5:01
The One Who Wouldn't Change You 4:35
The One Who Wouldn’t Change You 4:01
The Story of My Life 5:39
The Story of My Life 5:41
The Story of My Life 6:00
The Story of My Life (live acoustic session) 6:02
These Are the People Who Live in My House 3:30
Vulture of the Culture 3:25
Walk Like An Egyptian ?:??
We Didn't Start The Fire ?:??
We're Going to the Future 7:09
Welcome to My Shangri-La 3:18
Wish You Were Her 3:19
Yeah, I Feel Lucky 1:04
Zero Hero 8:25

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