Celtic Thunder (Irish boy band / theatrical live shows / recently formed 2007)

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Celtic ThunderCeltic ThunderCD15
  • US2008-03-18
Decca RecordsCMCD002602517665620
The ShowCeltic ThunderDigital Media14
  • US2008-03-18
Green Hill792755622353
Act Two (iTunes/Deezer/Spotify)Celtic ThunderDigital Media14
  • XW2008-09-16
Green Hill00792755622452
Act TwoCeltic ThunderCD17
Decca RecordsB0011606-02602517781900
Celtic ThunderCeltic ThunderCD15
Decca RecordsCMCD001602517624504
Celtic ThunderCeltic ThunderCD16
  • -2008
Take Me HomeCeltic ThunderCD15
  • US2009-07-14
Decca RecordsB0013087-02602527094489
Take Me HomeCeltic ThunderDigital Media13
  • US2009-07-14
Green Hill792755622551
It’s Entertainment!Celtic ThunderCD16
  • US2010-02-09
Decca RecordsB0013924-02602527309071
ChristmasCeltic ThunderCD14
  • US2010-10-12
Decca RecordsB0014762-02602527454207
It’s Entertainment!Celtic Thunder(unknown)16
HeritageCeltic ThunderCD13
  • AU2011-02-01
  • NZ2011-02-01
Decca Records2760243602527602431
HeritageCeltic ThunderDigital Media13
  • -2011-02-22
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)00602527602431
StormCeltic ThunderDigital Media15
  • -2011-09-20
StormCeltic ThunderCD15
  • -2011
Decca RecordsB001590102602527782607
VoyageCeltic ThunderCD17
  • US2012-02-21
Decca Records0016471020602527908106
Voyage IICeltic ThunderCD16
  • -2012-07-31
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)
New VoyageCeltic ThunderDigital Media13
  • US2012-08-01
Green Hill792755623152
Tribute to Celtic Thunder the Christmas ShowCeltic ThunderDigital Media14
  • XW2012-09-04
Dance Plant Records (Cussy Music Publishing)887396429802
Myths & LegendsCeltic ThunderDigital Media13
  • US2013-02-19
Green Hill792755623459
MythologyCeltic ThunderCD15
  • -2013-02-19
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)
Christmas VoicesCeltic ThunderCD15
  • US2013-10-11
Celtic Thunder5392000086234
Mythology (Deluxe Double CD Version)Celtic Thunder2×CD15 + 15
  • -2013
Verve (jazz label, aka “Verve Records”, use this for release labels)B0018048-02602537276660
The Classic Christmas AlbumCeltic ThunderDigital Media15
  • US2014-10-27
Green Hill792755623558
The Very Best of Celtic ThunderCeltic ThunderDigital Media20
  • US2015-03-06
Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)886445090260
The Very Best of Celtic ThunderCeltic ThunderCD20
  • -2015-03-10
Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)507702888750770226
Our First Christmas TogetherCeltic ThunderDigital Media14
  • XW2015-06-24
Sandrew Metronome5712192138496
Christmas With Three Beautiful VoicesCeltic Thunder, Lee Greenwood, B.J. ThomasDigital Media29
  • XW2015-12-10
Sandrew Metronome5712192150306
StormCeltic ThunderCD15
Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)88875087692888750876928
Act TwoCeltic ThunderCD14
Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)888750876621
HeritageCeltic ThunderDigital Media15
  • -2015
Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)886445183900
Legacy, Volume OneCeltic ThunderCD14
  • US2016-02-19
Legacy (Vol. 1)Celtic ThunderDigital Media14
  • US2016-02-26
Green Hill792755623657
Legacy, Volume TwoCeltic ThunderCD13
  • XW2016-08-12
Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)88875197272888751972728
Legacy (Vol. 2)Celtic ThunderDigital Media13
  • US2016-08-12
Green Hill792755623756
Emmet Cahill's IrelandCeltic ThunderCD11
  • XW2017-02-24
The Classic Christmas AlbumCeltic ThunderCD14
  • -2017-06-30
InspirationalCeltic ThunderCD21
  • XW2017-09-29
Sony Legacy (this is a dubious label; please verify if it's not Legacy (Recordings) or some other instead that you want)88985451772889854517724
InspirationalCeltic ThunderDigital Media21
  • US2017-09-29
Green Hill792755623954
Celtic Thunder XCeltic Thunder2×CD13 + 13
  • -2018-03-02
Legacy (reissue division of Sony Music Entertainment)88985499802889854998028
X: Ten Year CelebrationCeltic Thunder2×Digital Media11 + 14
  • US2018-03-02
Green Hill792755624050
IrelandCeltic ThunderDigital Media15
  • US2020-03-06
Green Hill792755627259
IrelandCeltic ThunderCD15
  • US2020-12-03
Green HillGHD6272792755627228
HomelandCeltic ThunderCD15
  • -2021-02-24
Green Hill792755627020
HomelandCeltic ThunderDigital Media15
  • US2021-03-12
Green Hill792755627051
HeritageCeltic ThunderDigital Media15
  • XW2021-04-23
Green Hill00792755622858
Myths & LegendsCeltic ThunderCD13
  • US2021-05-18
Green HillGHD6234792755623428
Celtic Christmas EveCeltic ThunderDigital Media15
  • US2021-10-15
Green Hill792755639351
Celtic Christmas EveCeltic ThunderCD15
  • -2021
Green Hill
An Irish RomanceCeltic ThunderDigital Media16
  • US2022-01-14
Green Hill792755640555
An Irish RomanceCeltic ThunderCD16
  • -2022-01-14
Green Hill792755640524
Celebration: Favorite Pop Hits Across the DecadesCeltic ThunderDigital Media15
  • US2023-02-10
Green Hill792755645550
Live in Concert, 1978–2018Celtic ThunderDigital Media16
  • XW2023-06-09
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)877746004797
CelebrationCeltic ThunderCD15
  • -2023
Green HillGHD6455 / 2755645529792755645529
Upbeat Celtic MusicCeltic ThunderDigital Media24
  • -2024-03-08
Green Hill Productions (for copyright use only)792755006825
StormCeltic ThunderCD15
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