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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Supernature (Kevin Saunderson remix) Cerrone 7:46
Supernature (Lenny Fontana remix) Cerrone feat. She Belle 4:28
Supernature (live) Cerrone 4:01
Supernature (Mixed by Kevin Sanderson) Cerrone 5:09
Supernature (nu-soul edit) Cerrone feat. She Belle 3:59
Supernature (original 12" mix) (part of “Global Underground Afterhours, 3” DJ-mix) Cerrone 4:38
Supernature (original club mix) (part of “Limited Pearls, 3” DJ-mix) Cerrone 5:15
Supernature (original Full-Length version) Cerrone 13:20
Supernature (Original mix) Cerrone 12:14
Supernature (radio edit) Cerrone 4:22
Supernature (remix) Cerrone 3:45
Supernature (single edit) Cerrone 3:51
Supernature (Tenaglia legendary club mix) Cerrone 10:53
Supernature (Tenaglia Twilo club mix) Cerrone 10:13
Supernature (William Orbit remix) Cerrone 3:50
Sweet Drums Cerrone 9:00
Sweet Drums Cerrone 2:48
Sweet Drums Cerrone 2:48
Sweet Drums, Part 1 Cerrone 5 14:19
Sweet Drums, Part 2 Cerrone 5 8:10
Sweet Violin Cerrone 4:01
Sympathy Cerrone 4:23
Take Me Cerrone 5:55
Take Me Cerrone 3:46
Take Me Cerrone 3:17
Take Me Cerrone 6:07
Take Over (feat. Brendan Reilly) Cerrone 3:22
Tattoo Woman Cerrone ?:??
Tattoo Woman Cerrone 6:03
Tattoo Woman (Jamie Lewis Sex On The Beach Mix) (part of a “Defected in the House: Miami 09” DJ‐mix) Cerrone 5:54
Tattoo Woman (Science Fiction Robot dub mix) Cerrone 6:03
Tattoo Woman (Sex on the Beach mix) Cerrone 7:09
Taxi in the Night Cerrone 3:47
That's Right Cerrone 7:23
The Beginning Cerrone 5:40
The Circle Cerrone 3:14
The Circle Cerrone 2:43
The Collector Cerrone 4:26
The Collector Cerrone 4:24
The Contract Cerrone 1:34
The Decision Cerrone 3:11
The Flash Cerrone 4:59
The Gift Cerrone 1:05
The Greatest World of All Cerrone 5:53
The Loft Cerrone 3:09
The Only One Cerrone 5:15
The Only One Cerrone FR0D00280230 4:40
The Only One Cerrone 5 4:17
The Only One (Danny Marquez re-edit) (part of a “Defected in the House: Eivissa ’05” DJ‐mix) Cerrone 3:54
The Only One (Groove Armada remix) Cerrone 5:47
The Only One (Jamie Lewis club mix) Cerrone 6:01
The Only One (main mix) Cerrone 8:15
The Parking Cerrone 3:43
The Real World Cerrone 4:24
The Search Cerrone 4:44
The Soul of My Love Cerrone 5 2:44
The Time Is Running Down Cerrone 5:21
Therapy (feat. James Hart) Cerrone 3:38
Tibetan Feel Cerrone 6:22
Time For Love Cerrone 6:12
Time For Love Cerrone 6:15
Time Machine (feat. Sam Gray) Cerrone 4:51
Transformation Cerrone 3:32
Trippin on the Moon Cerrone 4:44
Trippin on the Moon Cerrone 3:44
Trippin on the Moon Cerrone 3:43
Trippin on the Moon (James Reynolds remix) Cerrone 4:33
Unity, Power & The Promise Cerrone 2:49
Vaudou aux Caraïbes Cerrone 4:18
Vaudou aux Caraïbes (suite) Cerrone 2:29
Wake the Beach Cerrone 3:08
Wake the Beach Cerrone 2:55
Wake Up to Your Love Cerrone 4:06
Way In Cerrone 1:28
Way Out Cerrone 1:25
What About You Cerrone 4:45
What Hit You Cerrone 4:41
Where Are You Now Cerrone 4:31
Why Can’t We Live Together Cerrone feat. Kongas 5:51
Will Be Cerrone 5:12
Woman in Love Cerrone 4:41
Woman in Love Cerrone 4:26
Workout Cerrone 4:52
X-Xex Cerrone 5:06
X-Xex Cerrone 4:50
X-Xex (reprise) Cerrone 2:42
Yes I Like Watching Cerrone 3:58
You - Him - Me Cerrone 4:45
You Are the One Cerrone 5:27
You Are the One Cerrone 6:48
You Are the One Cerrone 6:58
You Are the One Cerrone 5 1:32
You Are the One Cerrone feat. Jocelyn Brown 4:49
You Are the One Cerrone 6:47
You Are the One (DJ Duke remix) Cerrone 5:02
You Are The One (Jamie Lewis classic mix) Cerrone 8:47
You Are the One (Jamie Lewis dub edit) Cerrone 7:55
You Are the One (main mix) Cerrone 7:45
You Are the One (Mixed by DJ Duke) Cerrone 4:55
You Only Live Once (feat. Mike City) Cerrone 3:49

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