Mike Davis (North Carolina multi-instrumentalist, member of Wedlock)

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Mike Davis is a multi-instrumentalist from Greenville, North Carolina, USA.He has been a musician all his life, beginning with the release of a 7-inch single with his band called the "G-crew."
Over the years he has developed relationships with several musicians, but his longest running constant project has been a raggae band called the Amateurs with long time friend and bandmate, "Shep" from Lagrange,NC.
A veteran of the Midatlantic music scene,some of his other more notable collaborations include Project Blue Book,an electronic outfit, which released a full length CD in 2001 entitled "Children of the Ancients," Lovehead and the Real, in which he plays bass and did so as well on their EP released in 2006 entitled "The Definition of Love,"and even some remix work under the moniker of 'Mike D.'for electro-pop outfit, Wedlock on their latest single(Cuts Both Ways) released in 2007.
As if Davis weren't busy enough, he also plays part time in The Steel Drum band, and ocasionally performs as a one man act called "Mike Versus the Machine."

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