Omitir (Portuguese black metal, formerly Bahamut)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Amarga Luxúria ?:??
Ancient Myths ?:??
Black Cross on the Stone ?:??
Broken Thoughts ?:??
Fase I: Foco abrupto 8:23
Fase II: Dor submersa 8:32
Fase III: Poço 5:16
Fase IV: O dramaturgo 9:58
Fase V: Perda 8:33
Fase VI: Em vidro 8:19
Fase VII: "Belle indiference" 9:43
Fire Behind the Gates ?:??
Hemiplegia ?:??
Illusion ?:??
Insuficiência ?:??
Secret Ritual ?:??
Strange Reflection of Hate ?:??
Transcendência do Real ?:??
Walking Around of My Unconsciousnes ?:??

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