Mandy Moore

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collaborator on: The On the Line All-Stars
involved with: Taylor Goldsmith (2015-07 –)
married: Ryan Adams (2009-03-10 – 2015-01)
voice of: Rapunzel (Disney Princess, lead character from Tangled)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
All Good Things
Someday We’ll Know Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman 3:43
Candy lead vocals Mandy Moore 3:56
Empty Room Amanda Moore Ryan Adams 2:58
God Only Knows (From "Saved!" (2004)) Mandy Moore feat. Michael Stipe 2:45
Healing Incantation Mandy Moore 0:54
I Like It lead vocals Mandy Moore 4:26
I See the Light Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi 3:44
I've Got a Dream Brad Garrett, Jeffrey Tambor, Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and the Thug Chorus 3:11
Let Me Be the One Mandy Moore 3:50
Lock Me in Your Heart background vocals Mandy Moore 3:33
Lock Me in Your Heart lead vocals Mandy Moore 3:33
Love Shot Mandy Moore 4:24
Love You for Always Mandy Moore 3:23
Not Too Young Mandy Moore 3:53
Picture of a Man Dawes 4:20
Quit Breaking My Heart Mandy Moore 3:54
So Real Mandy Moore 3:50
The Tear Heals Mandy Moore 7:38
Walk Me Home Mandy Moore 4:23
What You Want Mandy Moore 3:42
When Will My Life Begin? Mandy Moore 2:32
When Will My Life Begin? (reprise 1) Mandy Moore 1:03
When Will My Life Begin? (reprise 2) Mandy Moore 2:06