Illidiance (cyber metal/core)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
…A Cold Day in Hell Illidiance 4:16
…and Twilight Falls Illidiance 2:48
Above the Old Kingdom Illidiance 2:18
Armageddon Conquest Illidiance 5:15
Bleed for Deliverance Illidiance 4:42
Bleed for Deliverance Illidiance 4:13
Boiling Point Illidiance 3:43
Breaking the Limit Illidiance 3:44
Burning Wings Illidiance 4:32
Chaoticon Nomads Illidiance 5:23
Countdown to Annihilation Illidiance 3:43
Critical Damage Illidiance 3:21
Cyber Gore Generation Illidiance ?:??
Cybergore Generation Illidiance feat. Tony JJ 3:19
Cybernesis Illidiance feat. AKADO 4:36
Deformity Illidiance 3:59
Dimmysterium (intro) Illidiance 1:10
Exiles of Stars Illidiance 4:09
Fading Away Illidiance 4:20
Frost Ipostacy Illidiance 5:27
Hi-Tech Terror Illidiance 3:33
I Want to Believe Illidiance feat. Mick Priestley 3:36
In Thousand Gales I Dwell Illidiance 3:59
Infected Illidiance 3:32
Infected Illidiance 3:21
Infected Illidiance ?:??
Into Everlasting Night Illidiance 4:57
Let It Bleed Illidiance 3:41
Melancholy of a Dying World Illidiance 4:30
Mind Hunters Illidiance 3:27
Mind Hunters Illidiance ?:??
Moments of the Fall Illidiance 5:27
Neon Rebels Illidiance 4:39
New Millenium Crushers Illidiance 3:52
Nexaeon Illidiance 4:54
Nocturnal Winds Illidiance 4:40
Paranormal Activity Illidiance 4:30
Razor to the Skin Illidiance 4:25
Razor to the Skin Illidiance 4:22
Razor to the Skin Illidiance ?:??
Rebellion Illidiance 5:14
Spiral Galaxy NGC 1309 Illidiance 2:46
Under the Flags of Wrath Illidiance 4:42
Urbanized Illidiance 4:47

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