Joe Boyd (US producer, founder of Hannibal Records)

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founded:Hannibal (from 1980 to present)
founded:UFO Club in London, England, United Kingdom
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1994-03Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick DrakeNick Drake
Africa Fête '99Various Artists
Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork OrangeVarious Artists
liner notes
1994-03Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick DrakeNick Drake
Dance of the FalconIvo Papasov
Liege & LiefFairport Convention
Shoot Out the LightsRichard & Linda Thompson
Liege & LiefreFairport Convention
(Talk to Me of) MendocinoNorah Jones3:14
All the Way to San FranciscoMartha Wainwright4:19
As Fast as My Feet Can Carry MeEmmylou Harris and Norah Jones3:37
Come Back BabyJenni Muldaur3:39
Dans le silenceRobert Charlebois and Anna McGarrigle4:03
Darlin' KateEmmylou Harris3:18
Devoiko MomeMárta Sebestyén4:52
Dink's SongAnna McGarrigle, Chaim Tannenbaum, Lily Lanken, Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright3:53
Entre la jeunesse et la sagesseRufus Wainwright, Anna McGarrigle, Emmylou Harris4:08
First BornRufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright3:51
Go LeaveLinda Thompson and Richard Thompson3:48
Go LeaveAntony4:16
Gold, Silver or LoveMárta Sebestyén6:30
Heart Like a WheelEmmylou Harris, Anna McGarrigle, Krystle Warren, Martha Wainwright, Lily Lanken3:47
Hindi LullabyeMárta Sebestyén7:53
I Am a DiamondMartha Wainwright and Rufus Wainwright4:29
I Cried for UsRufus Wainwright and Antony3:22
I Don't KnowKrystle Warren4:15
I Don't KnowKate & Anna McGarrigle4:28
I Eat DinnerRufus Wainwright and Emmylou Harris4:22
I Just Want to Make It LastKate McGarrigle2:26
If I Were A Rose (Ha én rózsa volnék)Márta Sebestyén5:09
Imam Sluzhba (The Conscript)Márta Sebestyén6:03
Jacques et GillesAnna McGarrigle and Lily Lanken4:34
Kiss and Say GoodbyeRufus Wainwright, Anna McGarrigle, Martha Wainwright2:42
Leaving Derry Quay / EleniMárta Sebestyén5:26
Love Over and OverSing Me the Songs Ensemble4:19
MatapediaMartha Wainwright5:37
Mother MotherBroken Social Scene3:41
OliverRufus Wainwright2:00
On My Way to TownAnna McGarrigle, Sylvan Lanken, Lily Lanken2:44
Over the HillNorah Jones and Lily Lanken3:00
ProserpinaKate McGarrigle, Sloan Wainwright, Martha Wainwright4:32
Saratoga Summer SongTeddy Thompson4:03
Sino MoiMárta Sebestyén5:45
Southern BoysRufus Wainwright4:52
Swimming SongJimmy Fallon2:48
Tell My SisterMartha Wainwright3:43
Tell My SisterPeggy Seeger3:39
The Bike SongKate & Anna McGarrigle3:54
The Shores of Loch Brann / HazafeléMárta Sebestyén4:35
The Work SongJustin Vivian Bond3:49
Travelling on for JesusChaim Tannenbaum3:15
Walking SongRufus Wainwright5:27
BikeJam Session with all musicians (except for Roger Waters)?:??
phonographic copyright
1967Arnold Layne (mono)Pink Floyd2:53
1967Candy and a Currant BunPink Floyd2:45
1967-07She’s GoneSoft Machine2:29
1977Blanche comme la neigeKate & Anna McGarrigle3:46
1977Naufragée du tendre (Shipwrecked)Kate & Anna McGarrigle3:47
1977Perrine était servanteKate & Anna McGarrigle3:18
1988Life With the LionsBilly Bragg3:06
1988Little Time BombBilly Bragg2:18
1988Must I Paint You a Picture?Billy Bragg5:32
1988Rotting on RemandBilly Bragg3:39
1988She’s Got a New SpellBilly Bragg3:25
1988Tender ComradeBilly Bragg2:50
1988The Only OneBilly Bragg3:26
1988The Price I PayBilly Bragg3:34
1988The Short AnswerBilly Bragg5:00
1988Valentine’s Day Is OverBilly Bragg4:54
1988Waiting for the Great Leap ForwardsBilly Bragg4:36
’Cello SongNick Drake4:48
"The Lord Is in This Place, How Dreadful Is This Place?"Fairport Convention2:01
(Talk to Me of) Mendocino (Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle3:06
(Talk to Me of) MendocinoKate & Anna McGarrigle3:13
A Mi Tia MarinaKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson3:40
A Sailor’s LifeFairport Convention11:14
A ToumaniKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson3:27
AfricaKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson5:26
Alabama-SongDagmar Krause2:52
Aminata SantoroToumani Diabaté feat. Kélétigui Diabaté & Bassekou Kouyaté6:43
Among the Americans10,000 Maniacs3:07
AndromedaChris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath4:08
Annie (A&R Studios, New York, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle3:48
Any Old TimeMaria Muldaur3:46
Arbor Day10,000 Maniacs2:18
Arnold Layne (mono)Pink Floyd2:53
Arnold Layne (original mono studio mix)Pink Floyd2:56
Arnold LaynePink Floyd?:??
Arnold LaynePink Floyd2:56
Arnold LaynePink Floyd?:??
As an Eagle Stirreth in Her NestMaria Muldaur4:11
AshlingDr. Strangely Strange4:42
Atlanta kairaTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté5:00
Auctioneer (Another Engine)R.E.M.2:44
AudreyMike Heron4:09
AutopsyFairport Convention4:27
Avoid the FunkDefunkt4:28
Back by FallMaria Muldaur4:02
Back o’ the Moon10,000 Maniacs3:32
Back Street SlideRichard & Linda Thompson4:34
Bad ManLoudon Wainwright III3:21
Ballad of the WaspsDr. Strangely Strange3:23
Banks of the NileFotheringay8:08
Barbara-SongDagmar Krause3:57
Beautiful StrangerMike Heron7:18
Because It Wouldn't PayJohnny Handle1:46
Been Smoking Too LongNick Drake2:18
Believing in LoveDefunkt7:25
Benares-SongDagmar Krause4:23
Big Bird (Au Private)Defunkt2:07
Big Bird (Au Private) (live 1983)Defunkt2:10
Black Eyed DogNick Drake3:26
Blue and LonesomeMuleskinner3:19
Blue MuleMuleskinner4:29
Blue Railroad TrainGeoff & Maria Muldaur3:01
Blues in DKate & Anna McGarrigle2:45
Blues In E (Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle2:10
Book SongFairport Convention3:13
BrazilGeoff & Maria Muldaur3:32
BrindabanMike Heron3:50
Bulchenska RatchenitsaIvo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band11:26
Burning HellR.E.M.3:49
Byala StalaIvo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band4:54
Cajun WomanFairport Convention2:45
Call Me DiamondMike Heron4:41
Can’t Get There From HereR.E.M.3:40
Can’t Ignore the Train10,000 Maniacs2:45
Candy and a Currant BunPink Floyd2:45
Candy and a Currant Bun (US promo edit)Pink Floyd2:43
Candy and a Currant BunPink Floyd2:46
Candy and a Currant Bun (stereo enhanced)Pink Floyd2:47
CarameloKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson4:21
Carmine StreetLoudon Wainwright III2:57
Catch ItGeoff & Maria Muldaur3:20
Catfish BluesTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté5:30
Cheick Oumar BahToumani Diabaté5:53
Chelsea MorningFairport Convention3:06
Chinese WhiteThe Incredible String Band3:41
Christmas MorningLoudon Wainwright III3:36
Church MouseDudu Pukwana & Spear2:47
Clothes of SandNick Drake2:32
Cocktail Hour (Blue Bossa)Defunkt3:26
Come All YeFairport Convention5:00
Come All YeFairport Convention5:02
Come Back Baby (Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle3:32
Come Wind Come RainVashti Bunyan2:07
Complainte Pour Ste. CatherineKate & Anna McGarrigle2:54
ConspiraciesLoudon Wainwright III2:17
CordeliaGeoff & Maria Muldaur3:57
Cotton Alley10,000 Maniacs3:23
Crazy Man Michael (2002 remaster)Fairport Convention4:40
Crazy Man MichaelFairport Convention4:38
CrossroadsEric Clapton & the Powerhouse2:19
Daktari10,000 Maniacs4:30
DardanellaGeoff & Maria Muldaur4:31
Dark HollowMuleskinner2:49
Das Lied von der MoldauDagmar Krause1:43
Davashe's DreamChris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath7:29
Day Is DoneNick Drake2:30
Dear LandlordFairport Convention4:09
Death Letter BluesGeoff & Maria Muldaur6:14
DecameronFairport Convention3:45
Der Song von MandelayDagmar Krause2:14
Deutsche MiserereDagmar Krause1:40
Diamond DayVashti Bunyan1:47
Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?Richard & Linda Thompson4:52
Die Ballade von der HöllenliliDagmar Krause2:27
Dirty LinenFairport Convention4:14
DjelikaToumani Diabaté7:12
Doctor of PhysickFairport Convention3:34
Don’t Renege on Our LoveRichard & Linda Thompson4:19
Don’t You Make Me High (Don’t You Feel My Leg)Maria Muldaur2:48
Driver 8R.E.M.3:24
Easter Sunday 1935Dagmar Krause1:25
Eastern RainFairport Convention3:36
End of a HolidayFairport Convention1:05
Epitaph 1918Dagmar Krause2:00
Ergenski Dance (Macedonian)Ivo Papasov and His Orchestra3:38
Everyone a Puzzle Lover10,000 Maniacs3:17
FantaTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté4:41
Farewell, FarewellFairport Convention2:39
Feast of StephenMike Heron4:37
Feeling Gravity’s PullR.E.M.4:52
Flatback CaperFairport Convention6:22
Flowers of the ForestMike Heron5:44
Flowers of the ForestFairport Convention4:04
FlyNick Drake3:38
Foolish YouKate & Anna McGarrigle3:06
Footprints in the SnowMuleskinner3:35
For the Love of MoneyDefunkt5:58
FotheringayFairport Convention3:07
Fruit TreeNick Drake4:51
Gave My Love an AppleDr. Strangely Strange6:08
Genesis HallFairport Convention3:42
Georgia on My MindGeoff & Maria Muldaur3:45
German MiserereDagmar Krause1:40
Glow WormsVashti Bunyan2:16
Go LeaveKate & Anna McGarrigle3:25
Good AdvicesR.E.M.3:31
Goodnight My FriendsDr. Strangely Strange1:13
Grabrede 1919Dagmar Krause2:00
Green Grow the RushesR.E.M.3:46
Grey Victory10,000 Maniacs3:08
Guede Man NaTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté6:11
Guide Me, O Great JehovahGeoff & Maria Muldaur1:39
Hanging on a StarNick Drake2:50
Hard Time Killer FloorGeoff & Maria Muldaur4:57
Havana MoonGeoff & Maria Muldaur4:52
Heart Like a Wheel (Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle2:46
Heart Like a WheelKate & Anna McGarrigle3:14
Hebridean SunVashti Bunyan1:14
Hollywood ElegiesDagmar Krause2:58
Hristiankova KopanitsaIvo Papasov and His Orchestra3:29
I Can't Stand ItMaria Muldaur3:39
I Don't Know Where I StandFairport Convention3:46
I Don't MindThe New Nadir4:15
I Never Did Sing You a Love SongMaria Muldaur2:50
I Tried to Live AloneDefunkt5:08
I Was Made to Love MagicNick Drake3:28
I Will Lift Up Mine EyesDr. Strangely Strange1:53
I'll Be Your Baby TonightGeoff & Maria Muldaur3:57
I'll Keep It With MineFairport Convention5:55
I'm RichGeoff & Maria Muldaur5:09
If ( Stomp )Fairport Convention2:48
If I Had a Ribbon Bow (bonus track)Fairport Convention2:44
If I Had a Ribbon BowFairport Convention2:43
Im Gefängnis zu singenDagmar Krause3:01
In Potsdam 'Unter den Eichen'Dagmar Krause2:22
Inaugural BluesLoudon Wainwright III3:19
Iris’s Song for UsVashti Bunyan1:34
Istoria Na Edna Lyubov (Lover Song)Ivo Papasov and His Orchestra4:20
It's Alright Ma, It's Only WitchcraftFairport Convention3:16
Ivo's DreamIvo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band8:27
Ivo's RuchenitsaIvo Papasov and His Orchestra9:44
Jack O' DiamondsFairport Convention3:32
JarabiKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson3:40
Jesse Don't Like ItLoudon Wainwright III4:07
Jigsaw Puzzle of LifeKate & Anna McGarrigle2:36
Jigsaw Puzzle of Life (Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle2:30
JoeyNick Drake3:05
Jog Along BessVashti Bunyan3:36
Jon the GeneratorMaria Muldaur3:24
Jove Was at HomeDr. Strangely Strange2:33
Just as the Tide Was a Flowing10,000 Maniacs2:19
Just the MotionRichard & Linda Thompson6:20
K’an BenTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté4:59
KandjouraToumani Diabaté8:06
Kanonen-SongDagmar Krause2:10
Kasapshko HoroIvo Papasov and His Orchestra2:52
Kilmanoyadd StompDr. Strangely Strange2:43
Kiss and Say Goodbye (A&R Studios, New York, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle2:52
Kiss and Say GoodbyeKate & Anna McGarrigle2:53
Kneein' MeGeoff & Maria Muldaur3:22
KopanitsaIvo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band10:21
KulanjanTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté4:35
Lady WonderMike Heron4:16
Lazy BonesGeoff & Maria Muldaur4:49
Leap of FaithLoudon Wainwright III2:54
Life and How to Live ItR.E.M.4:09
Lily PondVashti Bunyan1:24
Lilydale10,000 Maniacs3:13
Long Hard ClimbMaria Muldaur3:04
Lover ManGeoff & Maria Muldaur4:07
Lying SongMaria Muldaur4:11
M.1 BreakdownFairport Convention1:25
Maddox Table10,000 Maniacs3:19
Make No MistakeMike Heron3:10
Mamo Marie mamoIvo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band4:27
Man in a ShedNick Drake3:56
Man in a ShedNick Drake3:07
Man in NeedRichard & Linda Thompson3:36
Mani Mani KuruKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson5:29
Mankoman DjanToumani Diabaté5:19
Maps and LegendsR.E.M.3:10
MarielleToumani Diabaté7:01
Marika Duma Pro DumaIvo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band6:49
Mary Malone of MoscowDr. Strangely Strange3:56
Matrosen-TangoDagmar Krause3:59
Matty GrovesFairport Convention8:12
Matty GrovesFairport Convention8:09
MayfairNick Drake2:34
Me and My Chauffeur BluesGeoff & Maria Muldaur6:25
Medley: The Lark in the Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunter’s Jig / Toss the FeathersFairport Convention4:00
Medley: The Lark in the Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunters' Jig / Toss the Feathers (2002 remaster)Fairport Convention4:08
Meet on the LedgeFairport Convention2:51
Midnight at the OasisMaria Muldaur3:48
Midnight at the Oasis (remix)Maria Muldaur4:50
Million Dollar BashFairport Convention2:56
Mississippi‐Mali BluesTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté3:17
Mladeshki Dance (Turkish)Ivo Papasov and His Orchestra6:20
Mominshko HoroIvo Papasov and His Orchestra8:51
Moritat (Ballade von Mackie Messer)Dagmar Krause2:41
Mr LaceyFairport Convention2:56
MRAChris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath5:02
Muleskinner BluesMuleskinner3:17
My Mother the War10,000 Maniacs3:32
My Tennessee Mountain HomeMaria Muldaur3:32
My Town (Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle2:46
My TownKate & Anna McGarrigle3:02
Na TrapesaIvo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band7:01
Ne Ne KoitaaKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson3:18
New Orleans Hopscop BluesGeoff & Maria Muldaur2:46
New Street PeopleLoudon Wainwright III2:50
Night PoemChris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath20:41
No Man's LandFairport Convention2:32
No Turning BackMike Heron3:12
Nottamun TownFairport Convention3:12
Number OneLoudon Wainwright III3:40
O Falladah, die du hangest!Dagmar Krause2:43
O.J.Loudon Wainwright III3:13
Ol’ Georgie BuckTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté4:12
Old Man KenseyR.E.M.4:10
One of These Things FirstNick Drake4:51
One Sure ThingFairport Convention2:56
Ooh BabyDefunkt6:05
Opus 57 in G MinorMuleskinner2:29
Ostersonntag 1935Dagmar Krause1:25
Our Boy BillLoudon Wainwright III3:11
Over the Hill (A&R Studios, New York, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle2:39
Pavel's Prison SongDagmar Krause3:01
Percy’s SongFairport Convention6:56
Poor Will & the Jolly HangmanFairport Convention5:32
PortfolioFairport Convention2:02
Prairie LullabyGeoff & Maria Muldaur4:52
Pretty Good DayLoudon Wainwright III4:20
Proleten Dance (Greek)Ivo Papasov and His Orchestra2:41
Queen BeeTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté5:06
Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (take 1) (2002 remaster)Fairport Convention10:17
Rain and SnowMuleskinner4:11
Rainbow RiverVashti Bunyan3:23
ReynardineFairport Convention4:33
Rider on the WheelNick Drake2:33
River ManNick Drake4:21
Rockin' ChairMaria Muldaur3:46
Rose Hip NovemberVashti Bunyan2:28
Roses Blanches (A&R Studios, New York, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle2:42
Runways of the MoonMuleskinner4:23
Sad EyesMaria Muldaur4:34
SaharaTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté3:59
Sankoun DjabiToumani Diabaté6:00
Saturday SunNick Drake4:04
Scorpio Rising10,000 Maniacs3:13
Seven Yellow GipsiesShirley Collins1:48
She Moves Through the FairFairport Convention4:14
Shoot Out the LightsRichard & Linda Thompson5:24
Si tu dois partirFairport Convention2:26
Sign on My MindDr. Strangely Strange8:23
Sir Patrick SpensFairport Convention3:32
Sir Patrick Spens (Sandy Denny vocal version) (2002 remaster)Fairport Convention4:00
SlothFairport Convention9:17
Soldier's JoyMuleskinner2:15
Some Sweet DayFairport Convention2:32
Song For Baba NedelyaIvo Papasov and His Orchestra3:32
Song of the MoldauDagmar Krause1:40
Song von der WareDagmar Krause2:59
Spanish Ladies MedleyDave Swarbrick with Martin Carthy & Diz Disley1:37
Spirit BeautifulMike Heron5:15
Strange Meeting IINick Drake3:39
Summer BreezeDr. Strangely Strange3:39
Sun ShadeFairport Convention3:47
Supply & DemandDagmar Krause2:58
Surabaya JohnnyDagmar Krause3:58
Surabaya JohnnyDagmar Krause4:00
Sute moneboKetama, Toumani Diabaté, José Soto with Danny Thompson4:56
Suzanne (bonus track)Fairport Convention5:49
Swallow SongVashti Bunyan2:16
Sweet HarmonyMaria Muldaur4:48
Sweet PotatoesGeoff & Maria Muldaur2:07
Swimming SongKate & Anna McGarrigle2:32
Take This HammerTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté5:01
Tale in Hard TimeFairport Convention3:28
Tam LinFairport Convention7:13
Tell My SisterKate & Anna McGarrigle3:43
Tension Makes a Tangle10,000 Maniacs3:33
The Ballad of Easy RiderFairport Convention4:57
The BrideChris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath7:38
The Colonial Wing10,000 Maniacs4:05
The Deserter (2002 remaster)Fairport Convention4:23
The DeserterFairport Convention4:10
The LobsterFairport Convention4:49
The Thoughts of Mary JaneNick Drake3:47
The Thoughts of Mary JaneNick Drake3:22
The Work SongMaria Muldaur4:04
Three Dollar BillMaria Muldaur3:58
Three HoursNick Drake6:16
Three HoursNick Drake6:15
Throwaway Street PuzzleFairport Convention3:30
Time Has Told MeNick Drake4:27
Time of No ReplyNick Drake2:45
Time Will Show the WiserFairport Convention3:07
Timothy GrubVashti Bunyan3:16
Tony VanderToumani Diabaté5:30
Tonya's TwirlsLoudon Wainwright III3:38
Travellin' on for JesusKate & Anna McGarrigle2:43
Trawlerman’s SongVashti Bunyan1:57
Trials, Troubles, TribulationsGeoff & Maria Muldaur4:47
TunkarankeTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté6:31
Tziganska Ballada (Romanian Gypsy)Ivo Papasov and His Orchestra5:25
Union SpecialChris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath1:42
Vaudeville ManMaria Muldaur2:41
Vente pa MadridKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson4:37
Veseli Zborni (Marriage Song)Ivo Papasov and His Orchestra4:21
Voice From the MountainNick Drake3:46
Walk AwhileFairport Convention4:02
Walkin’ One & OnlyMaria Muldaur2:48
Walking on a WireRichard & Linda Thompson5:28
Wall of DeathRichard & Linda Thompson3:43
Warm Heart PastryMike Heron5:57
Way to BlueNick Drake3:11
We Just Couldn't Say GoodbyeMaria Muldaur3:40
Wendell GeeR.E.M.3:00
What GivesLoudon Wainwright III3:30
When Adam DelvedDr. Strangely Strange2:12
Where I Like to StandVashti Bunyan2:22
Whitehouse BluesMuleskinner2:17
Who Knows Where the Time Goes?Fairport Convention5:11
Wild BirdMaria Muldaur4:48
Willie Moore (A&R Studios, New York, 1974)Kate & Anna McGarrigle4:07
Window Over the BayVashti Bunyan1:47
Y2KLoudon Wainwright III6:13
YiribaTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté4:47
Zu Potsdam 'Unter den Eichen'Dagmar Krause2:24
1999KulanjancoTaj Mahal & Toumani Diabaté
Africa Fête '99Various Artists
Bryter LayterNick Drake
Bryter LayterNick Drake
Bryter LayterNick Drake
Bryter LayterNick Drake
Five Leaves LeftNick Drake
Five Leaves LeftNick Drake
Five Leaves LeftNick Drake
Five Leaves LeftNick Drake
Five Leaves LeftNick Drake
Five Leaves LeftNick Drake
Junco PartnerJames Booker
Just Another Diamond DayVashti Bunyan
Sing Me the Songs: Celebrating the Works of Kate McGarrigleVarious Artists
SonghaiKetama, Toumani Diabaté & Danny Thompson
Songhai 2Ketama, Toumani Diabaté & José Soto with Danny Thompson
Syrian DreamsexecutiveMaya Youssef
The Forest Is Crying (Lament for Indje Voivode)The Trio Bulgarka
The Madcap’s Last Laugh: Syd Barrett Tribute ConcertassociateSyd Barrett
The McGarrigle HourKate & Anna McGarrigle
The Wishing Chair10,000 Maniacs
Wandering HomeexecutiveMaura O’Connell
Wee TamThe Incredible String Band
Wee TamThe Incredible String Band
Wee TamThe Incredible String Band