members:Mike Brenna (membranophone)
Stefan Marchello (lead vocals, membranophone, bass guitar)
Dan Ratchford (guitar)
Dan “The Man” Smiraglia (keyboard)
Gene Marchello (until 2008: guitar)
Mickey Marchello (from 1968 to ????: guitar)
Joe Franco (from 1972 to ????: membranophone)
John Gatto (guitarist for Good Rats) (from 1972 until 1981: guitar)
Lenny Kottke (from 1972 until 1981: bass guitar)
Bruce Kulick (from 1980 until 1983: guitar [lead guitar])
Schuyler Deale (from 1981 to ????: bass guitar)
original members:Denny Ryan (from 1964 to ????)
Eric Crane (from 1964 until 1968, from 1970 until 1972)
Ted Haenlein (from 1964 until 1968, from 1970 until 1972)
Frank Stapleton (from 1964 until 1968, from 1970 until 1972)
Peppi Marchello (from 1964 until 2013-07-10: lead vocals)
has personal label:Uncle Rat Music
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Wikidata:Q3773375 [info]
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AudienceGood Rats4:26
Great American Music HallsGood Rats3:56
Hollywood EndingGood Rats3:03
Icy ColdGood Rats4:07
JulieGood Rats2:31
New York SurvivorGood Rats2:40
Oh So GoodGood Rats3:02
On My Way to SchoolGood Rats3:31
Rock and Roll Point of ViewGood Rats2:39
Yes or NoGood Rats3:43