Static (German IDM artist Hanno Leichtman)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Searchingly) Static ?:??
[untitled] Static 4:03
A Black of Dirty White Static 5:34
A Pleasant Place Static 7:28
A Song for You Static 4:49
Blank Paper Static 5:54
Colours in Patches Static 3 4:23
Cruising Static 7:37
Cruising (Global Underground: 24:7 Danny Howells) Static 6:37
Dependent, Depending (feat. Stefan Schneider) Static 6:01
Devilfish Static 5:55
Disquiet Static ?:??
Disquiet (feat. Christof Kurzmann) Static 4:23
Dub Bashet Static 7:27
Dub Bashet Static ?:??
Eject Your Mind Static 9:12
Enceladus Static 4:03
Enceladus Static 5:12
Energize Static 4:21
Examples Are but Suggestions Static ?:??
Flavour Has No Name Static 4:48
Generique Static 6:06
Generique Static 5:15
Get Me Something Cold (feat. Ronald Lippok) Static 4:51
Ghost Boy Static 5:06
Ghost Boy (feat. Ronald Lippok) Static 5:06
Ghost Boy (ISAN remix) Static 7:04
Ghost Boy (Resistance remix) Static 6:01
Give Me Your Loving Static 6:44
Headphones Static 5:03
Headphones Static 5:03
Headphones (Robert Lippok mix) (part of “City Rockers Present Futurism 2” DJ-mix) Static 15:59
Inside Your Heaven Static DEX700300029 4:03
Inside Your Heaven (feat. Justine Electra) Static 5:33
It Happens Each Day Static 3:53
Lady Friend Static 2:57
Mimas Static 6:03
Never Never Static 5:46
No Easy Way Out (club mix) (part of “Dance Energy: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush” DJ‐mix) Static 3:33
Northrop Static 7:01
One After 808 Static 4:30
Playing With Power Static 4:13
Point of Hope Static 6:12
Promesse de bonheur Static 4:24
Promesse de bonheur (Global Underground: 24:7 Danny Howells) Static 4:01
Quiet Storm Frankenstein & Static 4:13
Relaxed Therein Static 7:18
Resistance Static 6:49
Resonance Static 7:36
Return of She Static 5:57
Sample 2 Hold Static ?:??
Shift, Smash, Surge, Swell Static 4:40
Sloppy (Surrenderdestroy) Static 3:22
Sometimes I'm Sad for a Few Seconds Static 6:43
Sometimes I'm Sad for a Few Seconds (Robert Lippok remix) Static 4:23
Sometimes I'm Sad for a Few Seconds (Robert Lippok remix) Static 2:39
Spawn Static 6:27
Static One Static ?:??
Sync & Sake Static 6:41
The Moon Had a Crack Static 4:14
Thetys Static 5:19
This Morning Without Waking Static ?:??
Three Nicotine Cigarettes Static 5:00
Tsim Sha Tsui Static 6:18
Turn On Switch Off Static feat. Valerie Trebeljahr 5:20
Turn On Switch Off (feat. Valerie Trebeljahr) Static 5:23
Turn On Switch Off (Jan Jelinek remix) Static 3:42
Waking Up Static 6:09
What It Is Static 5:57

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