Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Spectrazoidesign Planisphere 8:13
Spectrazoids Planisphere 7:45
Symphotek Planisphere 5:36
Symphotek Planisphere 7:31
Symphotek Planisphere 11:19
Teardrop Planisphere 8:00
Teardrop Planisphere 11:12
Teardrop Planisphere 5:50
Teardrop (part of a “The History of Trance Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Planisphere 5:27
The Eyes of Truth Planisphere 8:05
The Eyes of Truth (part of a “Strictly Trance Symphony” DJ‐mix) Planisphere 4:17
The Lost Planet Planisphere 6:24
The Lost Planet Planisphere ?:??
The Lost Planet Planisphere 5:53
The Lost Planet Planisphere 6:50
The Lost Planet Planisphere 9:54
The Lost Planet Planisphere 9:46
Timestop Planisphere 5:57
Tokyo Skycraper Planisphere 8:46
Tokyo Triggerscape Planisphere 9:24
Totem Planisphere ?:??
Totem Planisphere 8:03
Totem Planisphere 10:50
Totem Planisphere 10:50
Totem (part of a “Nyana” DJ‐mix) Planisphere 8:00
Trigger Escape Planisphere 9:15
Trinidad Flashback (Miika Kuisma remix) Planisphere & Digital Angel 6:07
United We Were Planisphere 6:43

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