Melvins (US band)

~ Group


members: Dale Crover
Adam Jones (Guitarist for Tool)
Joe Preston (American bassist)
Lori Black (member of Clown Alley and Melvins) (bass) (1987 – 1991)
Mark D (electric bass guitar) (1993 – 1998)
Kevin Rutmanis (1998 – 2005)
Jared Warren (2006 –)
Coady Willis (2006 –)
original members: Matt Lukin (bass guitar) ( – ????)
Buzz Osborne
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Date Title Artist Length
At the Stake
Bar-X-The Rocking M
Goose Freight Train
How --++--
In the Freaktose the Bugs are Dying
Goodnight Everything (Melvins remix) Liars 5:06
Aim High Melvins 2:01
Black Heath Melvins 6:41
Blockbuster Melvins feat. David Yow 3:10
Cactus Party Melvins 3:37
Cardboa Negro Melvins 2:56
Chicken Butt Melvins 1:49
Christ Hammer Melvins 3:51
Divorced Melvins feat. Tool 14:43
Dry Drunk Melvins feat. David Yow & Godzik Pink 4:04
Eat Yourself Out Melvins 5:03
Edgar the Elephant Melvins 3:36
Euthanasia Melvins 4:36
Flaming Creature Melvins 4:22
G.I. Joe Melvins feat. Mike Patton 4:00
Give It to Me Melvins 2:49
Halfway to the Bakersfield Mall Melvins 4:17
Mine Is No Disgrace Melvins feat. Foetus 8:22
Moon Pie Melvins feat. Kevin Sharp 12:45
Okie From Muskogee Melvins feat. Hank Williams III & Henry Bogdan 2:10
Pacoima Normal Melvins 2:33
Park Head Melvins 3:39
Queen Powder Party Melvins 2:14
Ramblin' Man Melvins feat. Hank Williams III & Henry Bogdan 3:15
Scooba Melvins 1:09
Smells Like Teen Spirit Melvins feat. Leif Garrett 5:03
Sober-delic (Acid Only) Melvins 6:03
Spineless Melvins feat. Skeleton Key 4:02
Street Level St. Paul Melvins 2:18
T-Burg Melvins 4:10
The Asshole Bastard Melvins 4:55
The Hidden Joice Melvins 1:11
The Man With the Laughing Hand Is Dead Melvins feat. Bliss Blood 11:27
Track Star Melvins 5:02
What's Wrong with You? Melvins 2:36
1999-01 The Bootlicker Melvins
1999-01 The Bootlicker Melvins
1999-01 The Trilogy Melvins
Godlike 2010 (Security Forces mix) KMFDM 5:17
Goodnight Everything (Melvins remix) Liars 5:06
Poison Wayne Kramer 3:33
We Reach: The Music of the Melvins Various Artists
A Growing Disgust
Air Breather Deep in the Arms of Morphius
Baby, Won't You Weird Me Out
Electric Flower
Evil New War God
Freak Puke
Harry Lauders Walking Stick Tree
Holy Barbarians
Hospital Up
I'll Finish You Off
Inhumanity and Death
Inner Ear Rupture
Laughing With Lucifer at Satan's Sideshow
Leon vs. the Revolution
Lovely Butterfly
Mombius Hibachi
Mr. Rip Off
Pig House
Pitfalls in Serving Warrants
The Water Glass
They All Must Be Slaughtered
Tommy Goes Berserk
Worm Farm Walt