Kiko has a relative in the db: Zeca Loureiro. But I couldn't find out yet, how they are related, just that they are. If you know more, please create the appropriate relationship.

Annotation last modified on 2006-06-12 13:22 UTC.

Legal name: Pedro Henrique Loureiro



2004No GravityKiko Loureiro2
2006Universo InversoKiko Loureiro2
2009Full BlastKiko Loureiro1
2009FullblastKiko Loureiro1
2009Neural CodeKiko Loureiro, Thiago Espirito Santo & Cuca Teixeira1
2012Sounds Of InnocenceKiko Loureiro1
2013Sounds of InnocenceKiko Loureiro1
2020Open SourceKiko Loureiro2

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