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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Baila para me (part of “Summer of Love” DJ-mix) 5:13
Baila Para Me (club mix) 5:55
Baila Para Me (club mix) 3:09
Baila Para Me (original mix) 6:25
Baila Para Me (short cut) 4:59
Baila Para Mi 5:52
Baila Para Mí 4:27
Baila Para Mí DEP570000034 4:53
Baila Para Mi (club mix) 4:59
Baila Para Mi (short cut) 4:52
Beatdesasta (club mix) 7:31
Beatdesasta (Progressive Trance mix) 7:42
Extreme Electroshock ?:??
Extreme Elektroschock (Roland Kenzo remix) 3:31
Extreme Elektroshock (Oldschool mix edit) 3:24
Extreme Elektroshock (Oldschool mix) 3 3:34
Follow Up 5:05
Follow Up 4:25
Follow Up 3:27
Follow Up 4:01
Follow Up 3 3:52
Follow Up 3:03
Follow Up 4:43
Follow Up (club mix) 4:30
Follow Up (club mix) (part of “Tunnel Goes Ibiza 2001” DJ‐mix) 4:54
Follow Up 2k9 (club mix) 2:46
Follow Up! 6:26
Follow Up! 5:08
Follow Up! 5:09
Follow Up! 5:28
Follow Up! 3:27
Follow Up! (original mix) 6:24
Follow Up! (original mix) (part of a “Future Trance: In the Mix: Greatest Club Anthems 2” DJ‐mix) 4:25
Follow up! 2k9 3:20
Follow Up! 2K9 (New club mix) (part of “Club Charts Megamix, 2” DJ-mix) 2:18
Follow Up! 2K9 (New Club Mix) 1:48
In My Mind (Kai Tracid mix) 4:38
In My Mind (Kai Tracid mix) 6:21
In My Mind (Kai Tracid mix) 6:20
Night System 3:40
Night System (part of “Megadance 2004, Volume Four: The Megamix” DJ‐mix) 1:50
Night System (club mix) (part of “DJ Networx, Vol. 20” DJ-mix) 3:11
Night System (original mix edit) 3:40
Night System (original mix edit) 3:37
Night System (original mix) ?:??
The Frequency 6:29
The Frequency 3:38
The Frequency 4:30
The Frequency 3:52
The Frequency 3:37
The Frequency ?:??
The Frequency ?:??
The Frequency (club mix) 7:51
The Frequency (DJ Dean radio edit) 3:04
The Frequency (DJ Dean Radio edit) 3:05
The Frequency (DJ Dean remix) (part of “DJ Networx, Vol. 17” DJ-mix) 4:22
The Frequency (DJ’s remix) (part of “Bump 17” DJ‐mix) 3:50
The Frequency (original club mix) 3:06
The Frequency (radio edit) 3:37
The Frequency (single edit) 3:38
The Frequenzy 3:39

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