Gonçalo Almeida (Portuguese double bass player)

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member of:Bulliphant (Belgian freejazz group) (double bass)
Spinifex (bass guitar)
original member of:Albatre (Jazzcore / Netherlands) (bass)
GOZ + SSS (Gonçalo Almeida / Susana Santos Silva duo) (bass guitar)
LAMA (Portuguese jazz trio)
Roji (Duo with Gonçalo Almeida and Jörg A. Schneider) (bass)
The Selva
Tetterapadequ (double bass)
The Attic (Portuguese jazz trio) (double bass)
founded:Cylinder Recordings (DIY netlabel runned by Portuguese doublebass player Gonçalo Almeida)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/2363612 [info]
Myspace:https://myspace.com/gonzobasszone [info]
official homepages:http://gonzobass.wixsite.com/gonzoalmeida [info]
purchase music for mail-order:https://cleanfeed-records.com/product-tag/goncalo-almeida/ [info]
SoundCloud:https://soundcloud.com/gonzobass [info]
VIAF ID:VIAF: 10156009770449580756 [info]


Melodia Minúscula
Overture for Penguins
The Chimpanzee Who Told Man How to Cry
1+1=3effects [loops]Roji2:48
1+1=3electric bass guitar [bass]Roji2:48
2 Sisterselectric bass guitar [bass]Roji2:18
2 Sisterseffects [loops]Roji2:18
A Hunger Artistdouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst7:58
A Hunger Artisteffects [effects and loops]LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst7:58
Aimless At The Beachdouble bassThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Onno Govaert16:30
Airamdouble bassTetterapadequ8:49
Alguidardouble bassLAMA9:16
Back to the Torturedouble bassTetterapadequ4:24
Bangkudouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa5:33
Birchbass guitarSpinifex18:05
Boarddouble bassThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Onno Govaert16:24
Bohemians Gone Extragalacticbass guitarSpinifex9:38
Bolastryderdouble bassTetterapadequ5:56
Bukudouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa1:02
Ça bugdouble bassTetterapadequ1:24
Ciputrafdouble bassTetterapadequ16:22
Crime & Punishmenteffects [effects and loops]LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst4:52
Crime & Punishmentdouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst4:52
Descanso del Dopo Popodouble bassTetterapadequ4:38
Don Quixoteeffects [effects and loops]LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst6:41
Don Quixotedouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst6:41
Dr. Nodouble bassLAMA4:58
Fin de brocantedouble bassTetterapadequ4:09
Free For Alldouble bassThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Onno Govaert12:03
Gardudouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa6:27
Holedouble bassThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Onno Govaert7:56
Inner Rojielectric bass guitarRoji6:53
Inner Rojieffects [loops]Roji6:53
Jangadaeffects [loops]Gonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt20:00
Jangadadouble bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt20:00
Keep the Viper Alivebass guitarSpinifex12:54
Kerandouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa1:05
Knoestbass guitarSpinifex6:54
Kopidouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa4:20
Korupdouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa3:37
Laid With Lovedouble bassTetterapadequ5:22
Melodia Minúsculadouble bassLAMA6:48
Minggudouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa1:17
Mongibellobass guitarSpinifex4:21
Murakamidouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst5:17
Murakamieffects [effects and loops]LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst5:17
My Fucking Thesisdouble bassLAMA2:50
Naildouble bassThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Onno Govaert5:12
Nesga d'ossosdouble bassTetterapadequ3:05
Oneirosdouble bassLAMA3:42
Onibindadouble bassTetterapadequ9:30
OSTbass guitarSpinifex10:56
Overture for Penguinsdouble bassLAMA8:24
Pabrikdouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa2:20
Pacificelectric bass guitar [bass]Roji4:19
Pacificeffects [loops]Roji4:19
Persikdouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa2:47
Pesiardouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa5:06
Prelude to a Broken Saxelectric bass guitar [bass]Roji6:38
Prelude to a Broken Saxeffects [loops]Roji6:38
Razor's Edgeeffects [effects and loops]LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst3:16
Razor's Edgedouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst3:16
Rokokdouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa5:33
Ruína 1double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt1:07
Ruína 2double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt2:19
Ruína 3double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt0:27
Ruína 4double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt1:16
Ruína 5double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt1:35
Ruína 6double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt1:21
Ruína 7double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt2:36
Ruína 8double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt1:55
Ruína 9double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt1:49
Ruína 10double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt1:39
Ruína 11double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt0:28
Ruína 12double bassGonçalo Almeida / Rutger Zuydervelt1:22
Sabtudouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa6:00
Sekrupdouble bassSantos Silva / Stadhouders / Almeida / Costa5:30
Shadowdouble bassThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Onno Govaert12:24
Sounding Restraintelectric bass guitar [bass]Roji6:30
Sounding Restrainteffects [loops]Roji6:30
Springdouble bassThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Onno Govaert10:06
Stupid Neckchainbass guitarSpinifex5:20
Tarantinodouble bassLAMA3:43
That What You is There?double bassTetterapadequ4:08
The Chimpanzee Who Told Man How to Crydouble bassLAMA7:51
The Elephant's Journeyeffects [effects and loops]LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst6:25
The Elephant's Journeydouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst6:25
The Gorky's Skydouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst4:02
The Gorky's Skyeffects [effects and loops]LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst4:02
The Hundred Headed Womenelectric bass guitar [bass]Roji9:14
The Hundred Headed Womeneffects [loops]Roji9:14
The Processdouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst6:35
The Processeffects [effects and loops]LAMA + Joachim Badenhorst6:35
Walking Metamorphosisdouble bassThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Onno Govaert15:42
MetamorphosiskeyboardLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst
Metamorphosisdouble bassLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst
MetamorphosiseffectsLAMA + Joachim Badenhorst
Oneirosdouble bassLAMA
The AtticThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Marco Franco
The AtticThe Attic - Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Marco Franco