Brant Bjork

~ Person


JalamantaBrant BjorkCD12Man’s Ruin RecordsMR 183cd631975018327
JalamantaBrant BjorkCD12Man’s Ruin RecordsMR-183CD[none]
Brant Bjork & the OperatorsBrant BjorkCD10The Music CartelTMC59CD656953005922
Brant Bjork & The OperatorsBrant BjorkCD10Duna RecordsDUNA015024545180527
Keep Your CoolBrant BjorkCD8Duna Records829770004236
JalamantaBrant BjorkCD12Duna RecordsDuna 003829707000324
Local AngelBrant BjorkCD12Duna RecordsDuna 0050829707000621
Local AngelBrant BjorkCD12Duna RecordsDuna 005829707000522
SabbiaKate McCabe & Brant BjorkDVD-Video43Duna Records829707001390
Tres diasBrant Bjork12" Vinyl8Duna RecordsDUNA 014829707001413
Tres diasBrant BjorkCD8Duna RecordsDuna 015829707001529
Punk Rock GuiltBrant BjorkCD8Low Desert PunkLDP-1973829707197321
Punk Rock GuiltBrant BjorkCD8Cargo Records (German label)CARCD 964024572335687
Gods & GoddessesBrant BjorkCD8Low Desert PunkLDP19804024572421052
Gods & GoddessesBrant Bjork12" Vinyl8Low Desert PunkLDP1980829707198014
Black Power FlowerBrant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band12" Vinyl8Napalm Records (Austrian Metal, Hard Rock label)NPR 569 LP819224019732
Brant Bjork & the OperatorsBrant Bjork2×12" Vinyl5 + 5Low Desert PunkLDP-1976829707197611
Tao of the DevilBrant Bjork12" Vinyl7Napalm Records (Austrian Metal, Hard Rock label)
JalamantaBrant BjorkDigital Media12[none]
Local AngelBrant BjorkDigital Media12[none]
Punk Rock GuiltBrant BjorkDigital Media8[none]
Gods & GoddessesBrant BjorkDigital Media8[none]
Keep Your CoolBrant BjorkDigital Media8[none]
Brant Bjork & The OperatorsBrant BjorkDigital Media10[none]
Tao of the DevilBrant BjorkCD8Napalm Records (Austrian Metal, Hard Rock label)NPR 667
Tao of the DevilBrant BjorkCD8Napalm Records (Austrian Metal, Hard Rock label)NPR 667 DP840588106806
Tao of the DevilBrant BjorkDigital Media8Napalm Records Handels GmbH (company for Napalm Records)
Europe '16Brant BjorkDigital Media12[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)
Europe '16Brant Bjork2×CD7 + 5Napalm Records (Austrian Metal, Hard Rock label)NPR 743 DP840588110544
Mankind WomanBrant BjorkCD11Heavy Psych SoundsHPS083750958590664
Mankind WomanBrant BjorkDigital Media11Heavy Psych Sounds
Tres diasBrant BjorkDigital Media8Heavy Psych Sounds
JacoozziBrant BjorkDigital Media10Heavy Psych Sounds
Sabbia OSTBrant Bjork(unknown)16
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