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This is a Special Purpose Artist.

Used for writer/composer (and related) credits when the work in question pre-dates any written or recorded version(s), having originally been passed down from musician to musician. Rather than being attributable to one anonymous or unknown artist/collaboration, this work is better described as having emerged from a musical tradition.

Please note that the IPI code 00039657154 is also used by rights societies for works that have passed into the public domain even if the writer/composer is known. Use the known artist when attributing a work instead.

IPI code 00110284424 "TRADICIONAL" in SGAE (es)
IPI code 00108158979 "TRAD". In SGAE (es) "POPULAR"

D.P. stands for “Dominio Popular” (“Popular Domain” in english). It generally indicates a traditional song, which writer is unknown.

文部省唱歌 is like unknown fallback

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1973Kiowa Peyote MeetingKiowa1
1975Greece Is... Popular and Folk Dances[traditional]2
1977Cameroon: Baka Pygmy MusicBaka Pygmy1
1982Chants et danses d’Italie[traditional]2
1986經典中國名曲選:漁舟唱晚[traditional]; 中央廣播民族樂團1
1986陽關三叠[traditional]; 朱晖, 新加坡交響樂團, 西崎崇子1
1987Traditionals - MyaskovskyTraditionals / Myaskovsky1
1988Cuba : Chants et danses afro‐cubains[traditional]2
198830 chansons dorées de notre enfance[traditional]1
1988Jean Malaurie: Chants et tambours Inuit de Thulé au Détroit de Béring[traditional]1
1990Tunisie : Chants et danses[traditional]2
1990Voyage en URSS : Anthologie de la musique instrumentale et vocale des peuples de l'URSS[traditional]1
1993Irlande: Héritage gaélique et traditions du Connemara[traditional]1
1993Heart of the ForestBaka Pygmies (Cameroon)2
1994Songs Of The Peoples Of Russia[traditional]1
1997Yemen: Music of the High Plateaus[traditional]1
1997Sacred Verses & Tribal Chants of Native Africa: Desert of Spirits: Musical Moods and Chants of Native Africa[traditional]1
1998Music of the World - China[traditional]1
2000Achille Millien, Le pommier doux[traditional]1
2000Estonie : Airs anciens[traditional]1
2002Traditional Music of Eastern Polynesia: Recordings by David Fanshawe[traditional]42
2003Éthiopie: Polyphonies AriLes Ari1
2003Le soleil et la lune: Chine[traditional]1
2004Les plus belles comptines italiennes[traditional]1
2006Kinder einer Welt[traditional]1
2007Oriki : Chants et rythmes de Candomblé[traditional]1
2007Faith In The Lord[traditional]1
2007Trust In Jesus[traditional]1
2008Chants seto[traditional]1
2020El silencio imposibleDowland, Handel, Catalá, Sephardische Lieder; Eratos Trio1
Ancient Japanese Court MusicGagaku1
Anthology of Chinese Traditional and Folk Music: Guqin[traditional]1
Oh Christmas Glee[traditional]1
Tibet - Népal: Musique rituelle et profane[traditional]1
Violons du Cézallier - Antonin Pécoil, Alexandre Savignat[traditional]1

Album + Compilation

1973Folklore musicale italiano Vol. 1 - Registrazioni originali di Alan Lomax e Diego Carpitella[traditional], Alan Lomax & Diego Carpitella2
1973Folklore musicale italiano Vol. 2 - Registrazioni originali di Alan Lomax e Diego Carpitella[traditional],Alan Lomax & Diego Carpitella1
1989Tibet : Musiques sacrées[traditional]1
1990Another Fall of Rain[traditional]1
1994Classical MastarpieceTraditional1
1997Bardes de l'Himalaya Népal / Inde: épopées et musiques de transe[traditional]1
2002Christmas Out of Africa[traditional]1
2007Amazing Grace[traditional]1
2007Bluegrass Hymns[traditional]1
2007Body & Soul: Deep Relaxation[traditional]1
2007Inspirational Piano[traditional]1
2007Spiritual Melodies[traditional]1
2013Lieder, Reime, Fingerspiele[traditional]1
Algerian Berber Music[traditional]1
Bulgarian Musical Folklore[traditional]1
Mânăstirea Putna: Prohodul Domnului[traditional]1
Traditional Yiddish Song and DanceInstrumental Yiddish Folk1
Майстори - Изпълнители на Народни Инструменти[traditional]2

Album + Spokenword

2001Das Hohelied Salomos[traditional] gelesen von Anna Thalbach1

Album + Spokenword + Audiobook

2001NIV Audio Bible[traditional] read by Charles Taylor2

Album + Audiobook

2004Die schönsten Märchen aus 1001 Nacht[traditional] gelesen von Brita Sommer1
2006Det Nye Testamente (Autoriserede bibeloversættelse fra 1992)[traditional] indtalt af Paul Hüttel, Henrik Koefoed, Sofie Gråbøl, Lotte Andersen, Lars Mikkelsen & Ellen Hillingsø1
2006Die Bibel: Altes und neues Testament[traditional] gelesen von Sven Görtz1
2006Sorcières, ogresses et mauvaises fées[traditional]1
2008S exotiquie S[traditional]1
2009Miklos, fils de jumentConte tsigane raconté par Anne Kovalevsky & Christophe Leblanc2
2011Le Roman de Renart[traditional] lu par Dominique Pinon1
2016Sindbad, der Seefahrer: Eine Erzählung aus 1001 NachtN.N. gelesen von Rolf Boysen1
Contes traditionnels japonais (lu par Lou Saintagne)[traditional]1


1945The Last Rose of Summer / Don Carlos: Ella giammai m’ amoOld Irish, Verdi; Bidu Sayão, Ezio Pinza1

EP + Compilation

1998Kesarbai Kerkar Vibhas Todi SughraiTraditional1

Other + Audiobook

2003Das Hohelied der Liebe[traditional] gelesen von Claudia Urbschat-Mingues1
2004Der fliegende Koffer[traditional] gelesen von Christian Brückner1
2004Schlachter Hörbibel AT & NT: Schlachter 2000[traditional] gelesen von Hanno Herzler1
2010Die Schönsten Märchen aus 1001 Nacht[traditional], gelesen von Stefan Merki, Miroslav Nemec & Matthias Habich1
2015Aladin und die Wunderlampe[traditional] gelesen von Katharina Thalbach1
Rabbit Ears: World Tales, Volume 5: The Bremen Town Musicians / Finn McCoul / Koi and the Kola NutsBrothers Grimm, read by Bob Hoskins, original music by Eugene Friesen / Brian Gleeson, read by Catherine O’Hara, original music by Boys of the Lough / [traditional], read by Whoopi Goldberg, original music by Herbie Hancock1

Other + Audio drama

2006Schönwerths Sagenlichter der Oberpfalz[traditional] gesprochen von Jörg Hube1

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