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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
My Radio Solvent 4:33
My Radio Solvent 5:00
My Radio Solvent 4:59
My Radio (extended mix) Solvent 6:23
My Radio (extended) Solvent 6:20
My Radio (Legowelt remake) Solvent 3:53
My Radio (Legowelt remake) Solvent 3:55
My Radio (Mitgang Audio remix) Solvent 4:59
My Radio (Perspect's Cut-Up mix) Solvent 5:39
My Radio (Schneider TM Mustang remake) Solvent 4:55
My Radio (Schneider TM Mustanng remake) Solvent 4:54
My Radio (The Mitgang Audio remix) Solvent 4:58
Nervous Solvent 4:18
Nervous Solvent ?:??
No One Should Be Living Here Solvent 4:47
Not for Sale Solvent 2:47
Not for Sale Solvent ?:??
Nuf Si Gnippiks Solvent 2:26
Old Tin Solvent 6:34
Operating Ease Solvent 4:33
Outro Solvent 0:33
Panoramic Solvent 3:50
Pattern Recognition Solvent 4:00
Pineapple Boy Solvent 5:27
Pineapple Boy Solvent ?:??
Pink and Red Solvent 0:31
Poly Ensemble Solvent 3:10
Poly Ensemble Solvent 3:12
Power Failure Solvent vs. Lowfish ?:??
Quantimators Solvent 6:03
Quiet Life G.D. Luxxe & Solvent 6:19
Quiet Life G.D. Luxxe feat. Solvent 6:21
Quiet Life Solvent 6:18
Radar Receiver Solvent 2:26
Radiator Solvent 6:30
Radio Gaga Solvent 5:29
Radio Goo Goo Solvent 1:40
Radio Goo Goo Solvent 1:40
Red and Metal Solvent 6:23
Rel's Comb Solvent 8:38
Remote Control Solvent 3:21
Replacement Value $ Solvent ?:??
Replacement Value $2.00 Solvent 2:25
Sample and Hold Solvent 5:15
Science With Synthesizers Solvent 3:27
Science With Synthesizers Solvent 1:55
Sender Solvent 3:14
Shadowing the Mumbler Solvent 3:55
Shifty Uncle Giggles Solvent 4:27
Solvent City Solvent 3:26
Solvent City Solvent ?:??
Solvently One Listens Solvent 2:54
Some Assembly Required Solvent 5:15
Some Assembly Required Solvent ?:??
Spin Cycle Solvent 4:33
Steve Strange Solvent 4:57
Steve Strange Solvent 5:01
Stretchy Legs and Arms Solvent 3:59
Take Me Home Solvent 3:53
Take Me Home (instrumental) Solvent 3:48
Tangerine Solvent 2:54
Tape Recorder Solvent 3:04
Tassels Solvent 5:26
Ten Cent Teeth Solvent 3:29
Test Sequence Solvent vs. Lowfish ?:??
That Will Be 49¢ Solvent 4:31
Themeogene (I Dream Of Wires Theme) Solvent 3:35
Think Like Us Solvent 5:30
Think Like Us (a cappella) Solvent 2:42
Think Like Us (Alter Ego remix) Solvent 6:41
Think Like Us (Alter Ego remix) Solvent 6:42
Think Like Us (Alter Ego remix) Solvent 5:38
Think Like Us (Alter Ego remix) Solvent 6:41
Think Like Us (Alter Ego remix) Solvent 3:16
Think Like Us (Alter Ego remix) Solvent 5:46
Think Like Us (Bombaman remix) Solvent 5:03
Think Like Us (Bombaman remix) Solvent 6:06
Think Like Us (Solvent vs. Lowfish mix) Solvent 5:43
Think Like Us (Think Like Ectomorph version) Solvent 5:46
Think Like Us (Think Like Ectomorph version) Solvent 4:24
Thirteen Solvent 2:32
Tilt Top Solvent 3:09
Tonka Truck Solvent 4:15
Tonka Truck (Kevin & Paul remix) Solvent 5:13
Transfer Function Solvent 3:52
Transfer Function (Reprise) Solvent 1:30
Unknown Caller Solvent 2:07
Well You Needn't Solvent 6:32
When the Sun Hits Solvent 3:59
Wig $1.00 Solvent 2:32
Wish Solvent 3:30
Wow Solvent 2:40

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