Cantus (male vocal a cappella ensemble based in Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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members:Timothy Takach (ended: bass vocals)
Chris Foss (bass vocalist) (from 2008 to present: bass vocals)
original members:Alan Dunbar (baritone, founding member of male vocal ensemble Cantus) (from 1998 until 2004: baritone vocals)
founded by:Brian Arreola
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Been in the StormCantus2:51
There's a Meeting Here TonightCantus2:59
Anthem: Lamentation Over BostonCantus5:21
Been in the StormCantus2:51
E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly ComeCantus2:21
Goin' HomeCantus5:18
He Never Said a Mumberlin' WordCantus4:16
Keep Your LampsCantus3:14
Run On (God's Gonna Cut You Down)Cantus3:11
Simple GiftsCantus3:20
The 23rd PsalmCantus3:30
The Sweet By and ByCantus3:40
There's a Meeting Here TonightCantus2:59
Wanting MemoriesCantus4:52
What I Have DoneCantus4:02
Wondrous LoveCantus1:46
2005-03-29A True Heart Is Waiting (TTBB a cappella)
A La Nanita NanaCantus2:12
A Thankful HeartCantus2:18
Adoramus TeCantus1:23
Alleluiachoir vocalsCantus5:45
America the BeautifulCantus3:05
Ave MariaCantus5:54
Ave MariaCantus6:44
Cantate Dominochoir vocalsCantus1:46
Come, Ye Thankful People, ComeCantus5:07
Coventry CarolCantus3:12
Coventry CarolCantus2:57
Crucifixuschoir vocalsCantus3:02
Danny BoyCantus3:01
Deck the HallsCantus4:25
Die KönigeCantus2:31
Die Nachtchoir vocalsCantus2:45
Die Rose stand im Tauchoir vocalsCantus2:51
Elijah: Lift Thine Eyeschoir vocalsCantus2:07
Esti Dalchoir vocalsCantus3:29
Fiddle TuneCantus2:27
Finlandia-hymnichoir vocalsCantus2:08
Food, Glorious FoodCantus2:47
For the Beauty of the EarthCantus3:06
Gabriel's MessageCantus2:42
Gabriel's MessageCantus2:52
God Rest You Merry GentlemenCantus3:04
Hail MaryCantus4:37
Hard Times Come Again No Morechoir vocalsCantus2:54
Hodie Christmas natus estCantus1:02
Holy MannaCantus1:54
How Can I Keep From Singing?Cantus2:56
I Saw Three ShipsCantus2:07
I Wonder as I WanderCantus2:54
I Wonder As I WanderCantus2:42
If ye love meCantus1:48
If Ye Love Mechoir vocalsCantus2:03
Introit for Trinity Sunday: Benedicta sitCantus4:01
Kaksikpühendus: I. Ühte laulu tahaks lauldachoir vocalsCantus1:50
Kaksikpühendus: I. Ühte laulu tahaks lauldaCantus1:50
Kaksikpühendus: II. Tähedchoir vocalsCantus2:43
Kaksikpühendus: II. TähedCantus2:43
Lo, How a Rose E're BloomingCantus2:40
Mary Had A BabyCantus3:08
Missa a cappella: Agnus DeiCantus1:24
Missa a cappella: GloriaCantus2:08
Missa a cappella: KyrieCantus2:38
MLKchoir vocalsCantus3:01
My Journey YoursCantus4:39
Nächtliches StändchenCantus2:23
O Holy ChildCantus1:47
O Little Town Of BethlehemCantus3:28
O Magnum MysteriumCantus5:25
O Magnum MysteriumCantus2:10
O Magnum MysteriumCantus2:17
O sacrum conviviumCantus3:56
O Vos Omneschoir vocalsCantus3:11
Our FatherCantus4:19
Prayer of the ChildrenCantus6:08
Puer natus estCantus3:05
Riu Riu ChiuCantus2:23
Salvation Is CreatedCantus3:27
Sederuntchoir vocalsCantus4:17
Silent NightCantus3:31
Silent NightCantus3:34
Simple GiftsCantus3:17
Somewherechoir vocalsCantus5:39
Suo GanCantus2:59
Suo GânCantus2:31
The PastureCantus2:53
The Three KingsCantus2:49
The Turtle DoveCantus3:15
Thee We AdoreCantus4:31
Thou Didst Delight My EyesCantus2:27
Turkey in the StrawCantus2:15
Veni, Veni EmmanuelCantus2:32
We Gather TogetherCantus1:58
What Child Is ThisCantus2:54
Would You Harbor Me?Cantus2:54
Zikrchoir vocalsCantus4:31