Los Sonor’s (Mexican latin band)

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Nuevo ritmo tropicalLos Sonor’s12" Vinyl12
Peerless (Mexico)1345[none]
Sentimiento tropicalLos Sonor’s12" Vinyl12
Peerless (Mexico)1465, M 1465[none]
Sentimiento TropicalLos Sonor’s7" Vinyl4
Peerless (Mexico)EPP-1195[none]
Nunca, nunca, nunca / El mecateLos Sonor’s7" Vinyl2
Peerless (Mexico)45/9625[none]
Adiós amor (Mexican issue)Los Sonor’s12" Vinyl12
Peerless (Mexico)1615, S 1615[none]
Agua... amor... ritmoLos Sonor’s12" Vinyl12
Peerless (Mexico)1645, M 1645[none]
La conejita / La mula broncaLos Sonor’s7" Vinyl2
Peerless (Mexico)45-10495[none]
Con el ritmo y sabor de Los Sonor'sLos Sonor’s12" Vinyl12
Peerless (Mexico)1885[none]
Nuevo ritmo tropicalSonor'sVinyl12
ECO (aka Discos Eco, sublabel of Peerless)25966-8[none]
Los insuperablesSonor's12" Vinyl10
ECO (aka Discos Eco, sublabel of Peerless)26110-7[none]
Fiesta tropical bailableSonor's12" Vinyl10
ECO (aka Discos Eco, sublabel of Peerless)26215-4[none]
Mi muñecaLos Sonor’s12" Vinyl10
ECO (aka Discos Eco, sublabel of Peerless)26280-4[none]
Juana la cubana / La gallinaChucho Pinto y sus Kassino / Los Sonor’s12" Vinyl2
Maxi (Mexican dance sub-label of Peerless)MX-213-9[none]
SonorsLos Sonor’s12" Vinyl12
ECO (aka Discos Eco, sublabel of Peerless)SE-89002-6[none]
El sonido originalSonor's12" Vinyl10
ECO (aka Discos Eco, sublabel of Peerless)26418-1[none]
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