Lien Vøid (Noise Shaman)

~ Person


Experimental musician and artist, transgender noise shamaness and psychedelic traveler.

It's all about ambient, atmospheric, đàn môi, ethnic, experimental, field recordings, post-industrial, jaw harp, noise, psychedelic, ritual, schizophrenic, shaman, space, traditional Japanese and Vietnamese instruments, trance, transgender, tribal...

"From town to town, from heart to heart all over the Europe I traveled, but nothing was that I've found for me. Everything, everyone around looks empty, my pure love is spreading out to nowhere, it's for you, all of you. I feel silence, I love moon. So much, so schizophrenic..."

"When people ask me what all my music is really about, genre and things... the short answer is: it's my Ritual Flow."

ॐ Influences:
- liquidarian, macrobiotic, raw food & vegan lifestyles
- entheogens, meditation, shamanism, Tao, Zen etc.

ॐ Instruments:
- đàn môi, field recording, ritual instruments, voices
- Ardour, Ubuntu Linux, software synths & effects etc.
- LXR Drum Synthesizer, MIDI keyboard

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2015Industrial HeartLien Vøid1
2016Thee BuddhaLien Vøid1
2016Ritual FlowLien Vøid2
2016SteppenwolfLien Void1
2016Drums Ov Chaos Into Thee SpiralLien Void1
2016Apocalypse 999Betshy Paola feat. Lien Vøid1
2016Bohemian TalesLien Void1
2016Thee VibesLien Vøid, Agitation Phi, Thee Uncondemning Monk, Astarte 23 & Marly Preston1
2016Integral Heart Ov Thee TrinityAstarte 23, Agitation Phi & Lien Vøid1
2016Moving OnLien Vøid1
2016Rainbow BodyKeith Re-Generate, Podge Cooke & Lien Vøid1

Album + Live

2016ボイド 蓮Lien Vøid1
2016NihilLien Vøid1

Album + Spokenword

2016Propaganda Tool Of HeavenLien Vøid1


2016ΦLien Vøid1

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