Kirlian Camera (Italian darkwave group)

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2001Kälte ContainerKirlian Camera1


1983It Doesn’t Matter, NowKirlian Camera1
1988Eclipse: Das schwarze DenkmalKirlian Camera7
1991Todesengel. The Fall of LifeKirlian Camera5
1992SchmerzKirlian Camera6
1994ErinnerungKirlian Camera3
1995Solaris: The Last CorridorKirlian Camera3
1995Zentral FriedhofKirlian Camera presents Ordo Ecclesiae Mortis2
1996Pictures From Eternity: Bilder aus der EwigkeitKirlian Camera5
1999Unidentified LightKirlian Camera2
2000Still Air [Aria Immobile]Kirlian Camera2
2004Invisible Front. 2005Kirlian Camera4
2006Coroner's SunKirlian Camera3
2009Shadow Mission HELD VKirlian Camera3
2011NightgloryKirlian Camera3
2013Black Summer ChoirsKirlian Camera2
2018Hologram MoonKirlian Camera3
2021Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak)Kirlian Camera4

Album + Compilation

1998The Ice CurtainKirlian Camera1
2002UnoKirlian Camera1
2009Odyssey EuropaKirlian Camera1
2010Not of This WorldKirlian Camera1
2015Radio Music A (The Best of Kirlian Camera)Kirlian Camera1


1981Passing Masks / Still CloseSimona Buja from Kirlian Camera1
1983CommunicateKirlian Camera1
1984EdgesKirlian Camera2
1985Blue RoomKirlian Camera4
1986OceanKirlian Camera4
1987HeldenplatzKirlian Camera2
1988Austria / Tor ZweiKirlian Camera2
1994Eklipse Zwei: Eclipse, Part 2Kirlian Camera3
1999The Burning SeaKirlian Camera1
2004Berliner MesseKirlian Camera1
2011Ghlóir Ar an OícheKirlian Camera2
2012ImmortalKirlian Camera2
2016Wiedergaben, Vol. 1Kirlian Camera / Stonith2
2017Sky CollapseKirlian Camera2
2021Lobotomine 5Kirlian Camera1

Single + Remix

2021...Of Thorns (Twilight Fields) (WLDV edit)Kirlian Camera1


1981Kirlian CameraKirlian Camera1
1993SplitKirlian Camera / Andromeda Complex2
1996ObsessionDive / Kirlian Camera3
1996Your Face in the SunKirlian Camera1
1997The Desert InsideKirlian Camera3
1998DriftingKirlian Camera2
2001AbsenteeKirlian Camera2
2019HellfireKirlian Camera2
2021The 8th PresidentKirlian Camera1
Der blaue ContainerKirlian Camera1

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