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members: Eminem
Swifty McVay
Bugz (US rapper, member of D12) (– 1999-05-12)
Proof (US rapper, member of D12) (– 2006-04-11)
Bizarre (US rapper, D12 member) (1990 – 2012)
Kon Artis (1996 – 2012)
signed by: Shady Records (Eminem's US rap label)
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Wikidata: Q154543 [info]
YouTube channels: https://www.youtube.com/user/rapmad12 [info]
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
911 Gorillaz & D12 feat. Terry Hall 5:48
Back Down Royce Eminem feat. D12 3:18
Girls Eminem feat. D12 5:34
Keep Talkin' Eminem feat. D12 ?:??
Outro Obie Trice feat. D12 & Eminem 4:03
Outro Eminem feat. D12 & Obie Trice 4:03
Quitter (Dissin Everlast) Eminem feat. D-12 3:22
She Devil Tech N9ne feat. D-12 4:42
Shit on You Eminem feat. D12 4:33
Under the Influence Eminem feat. D-12 0:47
When the Music Stops (explicit) Eminem feat. D12 4:29
When the Music Stops Eminem feat. D-12 1:21
Words Are Weapons Eminem feat. D-12 3:24
Outro guest Obie Trice feat. D12 & Eminem 4:03
Under the Influence guest Eminem feat. D12 5:22