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1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20I Found a Million Dollar Baby (In a Five and Ten Cent Store)membranophoneDizzy Gillespie6:59
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20I Found a Million Dollar Baby (In a Five and Ten Cent Store) (alternate take)membranophoneDizzy Gillespie6:37
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20MoonglowmembranophoneDizzy Gillespie6:24
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20My Heart Belongs to DaddymembranophoneDizzy Gillespie6:02
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20My Man (Mon Homme)membranophoneDizzy Gillespie4:19
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20St. Louis BluesmembranophoneDizzy Gillespie5:56
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20There Is No Greater LovemembranophoneDizzy Gillespie3:26
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20There Is No Greater Love (alternate take)membranophoneDizzy Gillespie3:29
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20There Is No Greater Love (alternate take)membranophoneDizzy Gillespie4:02
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20There Is No Greater Love (alternate take)membranophoneDizzy Gillespie3:35
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20Woody'n YoumembranophoneDizzy Gillespie6:23
1959-02-17 – 1959-02-20Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)membranophoneDizzy Gillespie7:17
1959-03-26Giant Steps (alternate version 1)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:46
1959-03-26Giant Steps (alternate version 2)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:34
1959-03-26Giant Steps (alternate version)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:44
1959-03-26Giant Steps (take 1) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane4:45
1959-03-26Giant Steps (take 2) (false start)drums (drum set)John Coltrane0:14
1959-03-26Giant Steps (take 3) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane2:51
1959-03-26Giant Steps (take 4) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane1:20
1959-03-26Giant Steps (take 5) (alternate)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:40
1959-03-26Giant Steps (take 6) (false start)drums (drum set)John Coltrane0:32
1959-03-26Giant Steps (take 7) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane4:13
1959-03-26Like Sonny (alternate version)drums (drum set)John Coltrane6:03
1959-03-26Like Sonny (rehearsal 1) (false start)drums (drum set)John Coltrane0:09
1959-03-26Like Sonny (rehearsal 2) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane1:33
1959-03-26Like Sonny (take 1) (false start)drums (drum set)John Coltrane0:20
1959-03-26Like Sonny (take 2) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:10
1959-03-26Like Sonny (take 3) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane1:08
1959-03-26Like Sonny (take 4) (false start)drums (drum set)John Coltrane0:08
1959-03-26Like Sonny (take 5) (alternate)drums (drum set)John Coltrane8:25
1959-03-26Like Sonny (take 6) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane1:09
1959-03-26Naima (alternate version 1)drums (drum set)John Coltrane4:34
1959-03-26Naima (alternate version)drums (drum set)John Coltrane4:31
1959-03-26Namia (take 1) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:20
1959-03-26Namia (take 2) (incomplete)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:24
1959-03-26Namia (take 4) (false start)drums (drum set)John Coltrane0:16
1959-03-26Namia (take 5) (alternate)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:51
1959-03-26Namia (take 6) (alternate)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:38
1959-04-01Giant Steps (alternate take)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:45
1959-04-01Giant Steps (alternate take)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:40
1959-04-01Like Sonny (alternate take)drums (drum set)John Coltrane6:00
1959-04-01Naima (alternate take)drums (drum set)John Coltrane4:32
1959-04-01Naima (alternate take)drums (drum set)John Coltrane4:27
1959-04-09A Smooth Onedrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Birk's Worksdrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Blues for Beverleedrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Jubilationdrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Jubilationdrums (drum set)Junior Mance Trio3:32
1959-04-09Junior's Tunedrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Lilacs in the Raindrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Love for Saledrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Miss Jackie's Delightdrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Small Frydrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-04-09Whisper Notdrums (drum set)Junior Mance And His Swinging Piano?:??
1959-09-13'round Midnight (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor3:52
1959-09-13All About Ronnie (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:49
1959-09-13Angel Eyes (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor3:46
1959-09-13Chinatown My Chinatown (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:18
1959-09-13Don't Worry About Me (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:50
1959-09-13Fine and Dandy (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor1:55
1959-09-13Hallelujah I Love Him So (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:56
1959-09-13Introduction (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor?:??
1959-09-13It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:49
1959-09-13Lover Come Back to Me (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:38
1959-09-13Misty (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor3:10
1959-09-13Poor Little Rich Girl (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:41
1959-09-13Senor Blues (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor3:17
1959-09-13Strike Up the Band (mono)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:07
1959-10-04AmenmembranophoneDonald Byrd4:47
1959-10-04Bup a LoupmembranophoneDonald Byrd4:07
1959-10-04FuegomembranophoneDonald Byrd6:38
1959-10-04Funky MamamembranophoneDonald Byrd11:00
1959-10-04LamentmembranophoneDonald Byrd8:29
1959-10-04Low LifemembranophoneDonald Byrd6:04
1959-10-25Black CoffeemembranophoneDuke Pearson4:31
1959-10-25Gate City BluesmembranophoneDuke Pearson5:09
1959-10-25I'm Glad There Is YoumembranophoneDuke Pearson4:51
1959-10-25Like Someone in LovemembranophoneDuke Pearson5:29
1959-10-25TaboomembranophoneDuke Pearson4:56
1959-10-25Two Mile RunmembranophoneDuke Pearson5:53
1959-12-16On Green Dolphin StreetmembranophoneDuke Pearson6:47
1959-12-16When Sunny Gets BluemembranophoneDuke Pearson5:08
1959-12-193 A.M.membranophoneDuke Pearson8:56
1959-12-19Bluebird of HappinessmembranophoneDuke Pearson4:20
1959-12-19I Love YoumembranophoneDuke Pearson4:34
1959-12-19I'm a Fool to Want YoumembranophoneDuke Pearson5:25
1959-12-19The Golden StrikermembranophoneDuke Pearson5:28
1960-01-17Gate Citydrums (drum set)Donald Byrd5:06
1960-01-25Ghanadrums (drum set)Donald Byrd7:17
1960-01-25Lexdrums (drum set)Donald Byrd7:40
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10Avalondrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson3:32
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10Blues Marchdrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson5:18
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10Easy Livingdrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson3:37
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10I Remember Clifforddrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson3:13
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10It Ain't Necessarily Sodrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson4:29
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10It's All Right With Medrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson3:56
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10Killer Joedrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson4:57
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10Mox Nixdrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson4:05
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10Park Avenue Petitedrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson3:44
1960-02-06 – 1960-02-10Serenatadrums (drum set)Art Farmer & Benny Golson3:33
1960-05-09Adoration (stereo)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:34
1960-05-09Adoration (mono)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:34
1960-05-09From Within (stereo)timpaniYusef Lateef4:15
1960-05-09From Within (mono)timpaniYusef Lateef4:15
1960-05-09Goin’ Home (stereo)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:05
1960-05-09Goin’ Home (mono)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:05
1960-05-09I’m Just a Lucky So and So (mono)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:39
1960-05-09I’m Just a Lucky So and So (stereo)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:39
1960-05-09Lateef Minor 7th (stereo)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:01
1960-05-09Lateef Minor 7th (mono)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:01
1960-05-09Ma — He’s Makin’ Eyes at Me (mono)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:56
1960-05-09Ma — He’s Makin’ Eyes at Me (stereo)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:56
1960-05-09Quarantine (stereo)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef7:03
1960-05-09Quarantine (mono)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef7:03
1960-05-09Salt Water Blues (stereo)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef6:50
1960-05-09Salt Water Blues (mono)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef6:50
1960-05-12Bass Regiondrums (drum set)Paul Chambers & Wynton Kelly10:40
1960-05-12Bass Regiondrums (drum set)Paul Chambers10:35
1960-05-12Blesseddrums (drum set)Paul Chambers & Wynton Kelly7:03
1960-05-12Blesseddrums (drum set)Paul Chambers7:03
1960-05-12Melodydrums (drum set)Paul Chambers & Wynton Kelly4:11
1960-05-12Melodydrums (drum set)Paul Chambers4:07
1960-05-12Mopp Shoe Bluesdrums (drum set)Paul Chambers & Wynton Kelly6:09
1960-05-12Mopp Shoe Bluesdrums (drum set)Paul Chambers6:05
1960-05-12Retrogressdrums (drum set)Paul Chambers3:29
1960-05-12Retrogressdrums (drum set)Paul Chambers & Wynton Kelly3:33
1960-05-12Who's Bluesdrums (drum set)Paul Chambers8:24
1960-07-10Bodrums (drum set)Donald Byrd6:36
1960-07-10Little Boy Bluedrums (drum set)Donald Byrd7:30
1960-07-10My Girl Shirldrums (drum set)Donald Byrd5:47
1960-11-11A Portrait of Jenniedrums (drum set)Donald Byrd6:49
1960-11-11A Portrait of JenniemembranophoneDonald Byrd6:49
1960-11-11A Portrait of JennymembranophoneDonald Byrd6:49
1960-11-11Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeamembranophoneDonald Byrd9:56
1960-11-11Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Seadrums (drum set)Donald Byrd9:56
1960-11-11CecilemembranophoneDonald Byrd12:53
1960-11-11Ceciledrums (drum set)Donald Byrd12:53
1960-11-11CecilemembranophoneDonald Byrd14:46
1960-11-11ChantmembranophoneDonald Byrd11:05
1960-11-11Chantdrums (drum set)Donald Byrd11:05
1960-11-11Child's PlaymembranophoneDonald Byrd8:43
1960-11-11Child's Playdrums (drum set)Donald Byrd8:43
1960-11-11JeanninemembranophoneDonald Byrd13:09
1960-11-11JeanninemembranophoneDonald Byrd with Pepper Adams , Duke Pearson , Laymon Jackson & Lex Humphries12:46
1960-11-11Jeanninedrums (drum set)Donald Byrd13:09
1960-11-11KimyasmembranophoneDonald Byrd with Pepper Adams , Duke Pearson , Laymon Jackson & Lex Humphries11:59
1960-11-11KimyasmembranophoneDonald Byrd11:58
1960-11-11Kimyasdrums (drum set)Donald Byrd11:58
1960-11-11My Girl ShirlmembranophoneDonald Byrd10:32
1960-11-11My Girl Shirldrums (drum set)Donald Byrd10:32
1960-11-11Pure D FunkmembranophoneDonald Byrd with Pepper Adams , Duke Pearson , Laymon Jackson & Lex Humphries6:09
1960-11-11Pure D. FunkmembranophoneDonald Byrd6:15
1960-11-11Pure D. Funkdrums (drum set)Donald Byrd6:15
1960-11-11Soulful Kiddydrums (drum set)Donald Byrd10:07
1960-11-11Soulful KiddymembranophoneDonald Byrd9:55
1960-11-11Soulful KiddymembranophoneDonald Byrd10:07
1960-11-11Theme (Pure D. Funk)membranophoneDonald Byrd1:54
1960-11-11Theme (Pure D. Funk)drums (drum set)Donald Byrd1:54
1960-11-11Theme From Mr. LuckymembranophoneDonald Byrd10:50
1960-11-11Theme From Mr. Luckydrums (drum set)Donald Byrd10:50
1960-11-11When Sunny Gets BluemembranophoneDonald Byrd with Pepper Adams , Duke Pearson , Laymon Jackson & Lex Humphries5:50
1960-11-11When Sunny Gets BluemembranophoneDonald Byrd6:22
1960-11-11When Sunny Gets Bluedrums (drum set)Donald Byrd6:22
1960Boo's Ups and Downsdrums (drum set)John Handy8:14
1960Hi Numberdrums (drum set)John Handy7:00
1960No Coastdrums (drum set)John Handy6:30
1960Prettyside Avenuedrums (drum set)John Handy5:29
1960Tales of Paradisedrums (drum set)John Handy6:17
1960To Randydrums (drum set)John Handy4:54
1961-06-25Blues for Donnadrums (drum set)Sonny Red4:50
1961-06-25Dodge Citydrums (drum set)Sonny Red5:21
1961-06-25Imagesdrums (drum set)Sonny Red6:32
1961-08-01Angel EyesmembranophoneDuke Pearson2:43
1961-08-01Bags' GroovemembranophoneDuke Pearson5:03
1961-08-01ExodusmembranophoneDuke Pearson5:51
1961-08-01I'm an Old CowhandmembranophoneDuke Pearson4:46
1961-08-01I'm an Old Cowhand (Alternate Take)membranophoneDuke Pearson4:32
1961-08-01JeanniemembranophoneDuke Pearson5:32
1961-08-01Le CarrouselmembranophoneDuke Pearson4:51
1961-08-01Le Carrousel (Alternate Take)membranophoneDuke Pearson4:18
1961-08-01Say You're MinemembranophoneDuke Pearson5:27
1961-08-01Say You're Mine (Alternate Take)membranophoneDuke Pearson5:29
1961-08-02Apothegm (take 6)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard5:32
1961-08-02Apothegm (take 14)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard5:39
1961-08-02Blues For Alvina (take 3)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard8:34
1961-08-02Blues For Alvina (take 4)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard7:15
1961-08-02Lex (take 2)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard6:04
1961-08-02Lex (take 4)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard5:52
1961-08-02Minor Mishap (take 3)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard4:29
1961-08-02Minor Mishap (take 4)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard4:27
1961-08-02Number Five (take 3)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard3:33
1961-08-02Number Five (take 5)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard3:50
1961-08-02The Nearness Of You (take 3)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard5:05
1961-08-02Time After Time (take 2)drums (drum set)Freddie Hubbard6:52
1961-08-04Cotton Taildrums (drum set)Wes Montgomery3:43
1961-08-04I Wish I Knewdrums (drum set)Wes Montgomery5:32
1961-08-04I’m Just a Lucky So and Sodrums (drum set)Wes Montgomery5:59
1961-08-04One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)drums (drum set)Wes Montgomery7:41
1961-08-04Repetitiondrums (drum set)Wes Montgomery4:01
1961-08-04Something Like Bagsdrums (drum set)Wes Montgomery4:51
1961-08-04Twisted Bluesdrums (drum set)Wes Montgomery5:45
1961-08-04While We’re Youngdrums (drum set)Wes Montgomery2:20
1961-09-05Blues for the Orientdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:39
1961-09-05Chinq Miaudrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef3:18
1961-09-05Don’t Blame Medrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:57
1961-09-05Love Theme From “Spartacus”drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:15
1961-09-05Love Theme From “The Robe”drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef3:59
1961-09-05Purple Flowerdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:31
1961-09-05Snafudrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:40
1961-09-05The Plum Blossomdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:59
1961-09-05The Three Faces of Balaldrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef2:23
1961-10Apathydrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:23
1961-10Ev'ry Day (I Fall in Love)drums (drum set)Yusef Lateef6:56
1961-10Iqbaldrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:49
1961-10Revelationdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:59
1961-10Summer Songdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:23
1961-10The Centaur & The Phoenixdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef5:34
1961-10The Philanthropistdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef3:58
1962-09-24Bunny R.membranophoneSonny Stitt6:14
1962-09-24Carpsie's GroovemembranophoneSonny Stitt6:10
1962-09-24Cut PlugmembranophoneSonny Stitt4:13
1962-09-24Little Girl BluemembranophoneSonny Stitt3:34
1962-09-24QueenmembranophoneSonny Stitt7:00
1962-09-24Rearin' BackmembranophoneSonny Stitt5:15
1962-09-24WemembranophoneSonny Stitt4:04
1963-01-12Beast of BurdenmembranophoneDonald Byrd10:08
1963-01-12ChantmembranophoneDonald Byrd7:32
1963-01-12Cristo Redentordrums (drum set)Donald Byrd5:43
1963-01-12ElijahmembranophoneDonald Byrd9:21
1963-01-12The Black DisciplemembranophoneDonald Byrd8:12
1963-03-04'Round Midnightdrums (drum set)McCoy Tyner6:22
1963-03-04Blue Monkdrums (drum set)McCoy Tyner5:22
1963-03-04Days of Wine and Rosesdrums (drum set)McCoy Tyner3:23
1963-03-04For Heaven's Sakedrums (drum set)McCoy Tyner3:48
1963-03-04Groove Waltzdrums (drum set)McCoy Tyner5:30
1963-03-04Satin Dolldrums (drum set)McCoy Tyner5:40
1963-03-04Star Eyesdrums (drum set)McCoy Tyner5:04
1963-03-04We'll Be Together Againdrums (drum set)McCoy Tyner3:40
1963-12Abanadrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef2:20
1963-12Indiadrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:09
1963-12Raisins and Almondsdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef3:05
1963-12Ringo Oiwakedrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:18
1963-12The Good Old Roast Beef of Englanddrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef2:31
1963-12The Volga Rhythm Songdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef2:03
1963-12Trouble in Minddrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef3:12
1963-12Utopiadrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef2:47
1963-12You, So Tender and Wistfuldrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef2:29
1963-12Yusef's French Brotherdrums (drum set)Yusef Lateef4:10
1972-10-19 – 1972-10-20Sea of Soundsdrums (drum set)Sun Ra7:42
'Round Midnight (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor3:49
A Smooth OnemembranophoneJunior Mance3:29
All About Ronniedrums (drum set)Chris Connor2:51
All About Ronnie (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:49
Angel Eyes (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor3:39
Avalondrums (drum set)The Jazztet3:30
Bags' Groove (take 1)membranophoneDuke Pearson5:02
Birk’s WorksmembranophoneJunior Mance5:46
Blues for BeverleemembranophoneJunior Mance7:54
Blues Marchdrums (drum set)The Jazztet5:17
Caroldrums (drum set)Donald Byrd5:42
Child's Playdrums (drum set)Donald Byrd6:57
Chinatown My Chinatown (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:18
Cotton Taildrums (drum set)Wes Montgomery3:41
Don't Worry 'Bout Me (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:50
Easy Livingdrums (drum set)The Jazztet3:35
Enlightenmentdrums (drum set)Sun Ra and His Astro-Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra3:28
Exodus (take 1)membranophoneDuke Pearson5:51
Fine and Dandy (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor1:55
Hallelujah I Love Him So (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:49
I Remember Clifforddrums (drum set)The Jazztet3:11
I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande, take 3)membranophoneDuke Pearson4:31
I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande, take 5)membranophoneDuke Pearson4:45
It Ain't Necessarily SomembranophoneThe Jazztet4:29
It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:49
It's All Right With Medrums (drum set)The Jazztet3:55
Jeannine (take 1)membranophoneDuke Pearson5:30
JubilationmembranophoneJunior Mance3:32
Junior’s TunemembranophoneJunior Mance3:33
Killer Joedrums (drum set)The Jazztet4:56
Le Carrousel (alternate take)membranophoneDuke Pearson4:14
Le Carrousel (take 3)membranophoneDuke Pearson4:51
Lilacs in the RainmembranophoneJunior Mance3:41
Love for SalemembranophoneJunior Mance4:27
Lover, Come Back to Me (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:38
Miss Jackie’s DelightmembranophoneJunior Mance3:55
Misty (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor3:10
Mox Nixdrums (drum set)The Jazztet4:03
Naima (alternate version 2)drums (drum set)John Coltrane3:30
Park Avenue Petitedrums (drum set)The Jazztet3:43
Poor Little Rich Girl (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:41
Say You're Mine (take 3)membranophoneDuke Pearson5:31
Say You're Mine (take 4)membranophoneDuke Pearson5:28
Señor Blues (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor3:17
Serenatadrums (drum set)The Jazztet3:31
Small FrymembranophoneJunior Mance4:09
Soulful Kiddydrums (drum set)Donald Byrd5:37
Strike Up the Band (stereo)drums (drum set)Chris Connor2:07
The Umbrella Mandrums (drum set)Dizzy Gillespie2:41
Whisper NotmembranophoneJunior Mance4:22
WitchcraftmembranophoneDuke Pearson5:39
Chris in Person (stereo)membranophoneChris Connor
Have Trumpet, Will Excite!membranophoneDizzy Gillespie
Have Trumpet, Will Excite!membranophoneDizzy Gillespie
Nights of Ballads and BluesmembranophoneMcCoy Tyner
So Much Guitar!membranophoneWes Montgomery
So Much Guitar!membranophoneWes Montgomery
Universe in Blue (reissue on 180g vinyl)percussionSun Ra and his Blue Universe Arkestra