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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Alongside Subconscious Souls of Eternity 3:43
Beckonings From a Distant Void ?:??
Beneath the Dismal Aura of Stormfog 3:39
Black Horde of Blasphemy 2:58
Bloodlust ?:??
Cryptic Chasms Shroud the Everdark 4:24
Curse of Salvation ?:??
Descending the Shadowed Passage to Noctural Realms ?:??
Descending the Shadowed Passage to Nocturnal Realms 4:23
Embodiment by Candlelight ?:??
Evil Spells ?:??
Exalted Infernal Legions ?:??
Medieval Spirits From the Seven Gates 3:19
Overlords of the Greying Dawn 3:50
Screams of Endless Torment ?:??
The Breath of a Thousand Cold Voices ?:??
The Cult of the Dragon - Authors of All Pain ?:??
The Cult of the Dragon - Lords of Dark Destiny ?:??
The Final Command 2:42
The Highest of All Dark Powers ?:??
The Oracle of Eternal Doom 4:45
Unseen Reflections of Interdimensional Transfixions 3:23
Unveiling the Hidden Knowledge ?:??
When Darkness Lasts Forever 2:36
Within the Shadows of Eternal Misery ?:??

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