Wretch 32

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legal name: Jermaine Scott
member of: The Collective (Children in Need 2011)
The Movement (UK grime/hip-hop crew)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Let the Sun Shine (A Star remix) guest Labrinth feat. Wretch 32 4:12
Run (part of “Ministry of Sound: This Is UK MCs” DJ‐mix) guest Baby Blue feat. Wretch 32 3:59
Teardrop The Collective 3:46
Why Did You (Sub Zero mix) guest Lucien feat. Denzee & Wretch 32 4:30
Why Did You (Sub Zero mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Addicted to Bass 2010” DJ‐mix) guest Lucien feat. Denzee & Wretch 32 3:12
Can't Go On The Movement 3:11
Dealers Devlin 3:44
Elevate The Movement 2:08
Final Curtain Devlin 3:45
How It Is Ghetto 4:53
Keep Your Head Up The Movement 4:27
She Loves Me The Movement 3:47
Skinny Sort (remix) The Movement 3:29
Summer Days The Movement 2:42
Tag Team The Movement 4:01
The A-Team The Movement 3:44
The Reason The Movement 3:48
Top 3 Selected (remix) (feat. Kano, Scorcher, Devlin, Wretch 32 & Durrty Goodz) guest Ghetto 5:33
U & Me (feat. Wretch 32 & Scorcher) guest Ghetto 3:28
Whisper The Movement 2:28