Armcannon (video game arrangement band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Bhost Gusters (Ghostbusters - Theme) Armcannon 3:06
Bigger Boards [With Bigger Nails [With Bees in Their Mouth]] Armcannon 4:37
Boomer Kuwanger (Mega Man X) Armcannon 2:38
Borrow Mega Nuke Armcannon 2:31
Borrow Mega Nuke [Eureka Bong Worm] Armcannon 2:39
Chocobrubeck [Chocobo Theme] Armcannon 3:54
Contra Diction (Contra - Alien Lair + Base) Armcannon 2:20
Corona to Rigor [Chrono Trigger] Armcannon 4:59
Dangerous Zone Stemage feat. Arm Cannon & Chunkstyle 3:59
Dozen Elf Death Gel [Unearthed Knife Volt] Armcannon 11:36
Dutch Town [Elbow Computers] Armcannon 3:01
East Side Story [Ninja Gaiden] Armcannon 6:28
East Side Story II: Kninja Hill Rider (Ninja Gaiden) Armcannon 4:33
Gears of Mad World Armcannon 5:16
Go Go Power Rangers Armcannon 2:04
Hi, I'm Mark Spandrill [Spark+Mandrill] Armcannon 4:18
Home [Original] Armcannon 5:21
I'm a Real Sexy American Boy (Hulk Hogan/Shawn Michaels - Themes) Armcannon 4:49
Kiddik 'r' Us (Kid Icarus - medley) Armcannon 3:49
Lightning Dogs [Thundercats] Armcannon 1:59
Mangnet Mang Armcannon 4:47
Mash Crayon (Mega Man 2 - Crash Man) Armcannon 4:10
Metroid 'Cranial Syphon [Kay-raid]' OC ReMix Armcannon 4:58
Morty Miphon (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - TV Theme) Armcannon 2:00
Mute Blue Sand [F-Zero] Armcannon 5:19
Rygar Medley (Rygar - medley) Armcannon 6:50
Satanic Veal [Castlevania 3] Armcannon 5:27
Singularity (original Chiptune + Enlightenment) Armcannon 9:20
Smegmaman Three [He Enter Magma] Armcannon 6:00
Spidol [Killer Instinct] Armcannon 4:51
Star Wrek [Star Wars + Star Trek] Armcannon 4:54
Still More Fighting Armcannon 4:36
Still More Fighting (Final Fantasy VII) Armcannon 4:35
Super Cranial Syphon [Drum Poetries] Armcannon 6:26
Techno [For Some Reason] Armcannon 4:25
The Vents Mon Armcannon 3:44
Thrashlevania (Castlevania 3 - intro & Clock Tower) Armcannon 4:31
Two Excellent Italian Siblings (Super Mario Brothers 2 - medley) Armcannon 3:54
Woctor Dialy (Mega Man 2 - Dr Wily) Armcannon 3:47
X-1234 (Super Mario World - Castle) Armcannon 3:01

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