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Name ISRCs Rating Length
"The Ring Of The Nibelungs" - An Analysis 21:08
"The Ring of the Nibelungs" (An Analysis) 21:39
A Practical Banana Promotion 21:24
A Square Talk on Popular Music or the Decline and Fall of the Popular Song 20:33
Advice On Song Selections For Concert Singers 37:49
Backwards With the Folk Song 17:59
British — Pure but Dull: ''I Love the Spring'' 3:43
Coloratura Aria ''Canto Dolciamente Pipo'' from the opera La Cantatrice Squelante 8:16
Contemporary Music for Tone-Deaf Singers: 'My Heart Is Red' 3:01
Dripping With Gore 2:14
For Loud Singers With no Brains: ''Ah, Lover!'' From the Operetta "The Prince of Philadelphia" 3:40
For Singers With Tremendous Artistry but no Voice: ''Schlumph" / "Je n'ai pas la plume de ma tante'' 5:47
For the Dramatic Soprano: ''Schreechenrauf'' 6:47
For the Untrained Singer: 'I Gave My Love a Cherry' 3:44
Hamelleto, or Prosciuttino 27:39
How to Enjoy the Bagpipe 9:44
How to Write Your Own Gilbert & Sullivan Opera 16:06
How To Write Your Own Gilbert & Sullivan Opera 15:52
How to Write Your Own Gilbert and Sullivan Opera ?:??
Introduction to the Concert (By the Women's club President) 8:10
Introduction to the Concert (By Women's Club President) ?:??
Miserable 3:08
Noisy Neighbors 2:07
Poetry in the Cellar 10:29
Russian Folk Song "Da, Nyet, Da, Nyet" ?:??
Russian Folk Song: ''Da, Nyet, Da, Nyet'' 2:53
Survey of Singing From Madrigals to Modern Opera 28:17
The French Horn 10:56
The Rings of the Nibelungs (An Analysis) ?:??

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