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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
7 Days (Shoutless club mix) Megastylez 3:29
7 Days (Shoutless club mix) Megastylez 2:52
7 Days (Shoutless radio version) Megastylez 3 3:31
7Days Megastylez 3:32
Colour of My Dreams DJ Sequenza meets Megastylez ?:??
Colour of My Dreams Sequenza vs. Megastylez 3:29
Colour of My Dreams (Jens O. re-edit) DJ Sequenza meets Megastylez 3 3:05
Colour of My Dreams (Jens o. remix) DJ Sequenza meets Megastylez 2 4:08
Colour of My Dreams (Jens O. remix) Sequenza meets Megastylez 3:02
Colour of My Dreams (Megastylez club mix) DJ Sequenza meets Megastylez 3:01
Get Your Hands Up Megastylez 2:54
Get Your Hands Up (club mix) Megastylez feat. Richard Oliver DENJ71290001 4:57
Get Your Hands Up (radio edit) Megastylez feat. Richard Oliver DENJ71290000 2:53
Gonna Be So Happy (part of a “Future Trance 63” DJ‐mix) Megastylez 4:23
Gonna Be So Happy (club mix) Megastylez DENJ71300017 6:05
Gonna Be So Happy (radio edit) Megastylez DENJ71300016 3:36
Jump With Me Megastylez 3:50
Jump With Me (part of DJ-mix “Future Trance: Megamix”) Megastylez 2:15
Jump With Me (extended mix) Megastylez 3:07
Jump With Me (radio cut) Megastylez 3 3:27
Megabounce Brooklyn Bounce vs. Megastylez ?:??
MegaBounce Brooklyn Bounce vs. Megastylez 3:17
Megabounce (original club mix) Brooklyn Bounce & Megastylez 3:25
Mighty Disco King Megastylez 1:08
Mighty Disco King Megastylez 3:26
Mighty Disco King Megastylez 3:28
Mighty Disco King (club mix) Megastylez 3 9:15
Mighty Disco King (club mix) Megastylez 3:26
Mighty Disco King (Hansebanger remix) Megastylez 2:06
Mighty Disco King (Ti-Mo remix radio cut) Megastylez ?:??
Rescue Me Megastylez Vs. TI-MO 3:38
Rescue Me (radio edit) TI-MO vs. Megastylez 3:38
Reunite Megastylez vs DJ Restlezz feat. Euphorizon 3:23
Reunite (original mix) Megastylez vs. DJ Restlezz feat. Euphorizon 5:09
Take a Chance (club mix) Megastylez feat. Withard 5:18
Take a Chance (radio edit) Megastylez feat. Withard 3:45
Take Back the Dancefloor Megastylez 3:39
The Ketchup Song (Asereje) Megastylez 3:22
Whiteline Fever (club mix) Megastylez ?:??
Whiteline Fever (club mix) Megastylez 3:34

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