Wink (aka Josh Wink, Winx, electronic producer Joshua Winkleman)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Hypnotizin' (Remix Original Edit Bonus Track For Japan) Wink 2:28
Hypnotizin’ (original mix) Wink 7:34
I Fell Once Again Wink 0:05
I'll Have Some Wink & ESP ?:??
I'll Have Some (Kevin Whitley mix) Josh Wink & DJ ESP 2:05
I'm on Fire Wink USSM19703748 5:10
I'm on Fire Wink 4:21
I'm Ready (Remix) Wink 7:19
In a Spin (Kurt remix) Wink 5:06
Intro Wink USSM19703744 1:00
Intro Wink 0:24
It's the Machines Carl Cox feat. Josh Wink 3:40
Judson & Poplar St. Wink 0:06
Judson & Popular St. Wink 0:05
Jus Right (Impster remix) Josh Wink 7:04
Jus Right (Jimpster remix) Josh Wink 9:44
Jus Right (Jimpster remix) Josh Wink 9:42
Jus' Right Wink 9:37
Jus' Right Wink 10:42
Just a Track Wink 7:41
Late Night Acid Wink 7:10
Licking Plastic Wink 2:40
Licking Plastic Wink 2:41
Lifting Rocks for Crayfish Wink 4:58
Lifting Rocks For Crayfish Wink 4:57
Lint Trap Wink 0:08
Lint Trap Wink 0:10
Liquid Summer Wink 3:29
Liquid Summer Wink 5:43
Liquid Summer Wink 4:36
Lumpy Oatmeal Wink 7:01
March 20 Wink 0:10
March 20 Wink 0:13
Meditation will Manifest Winks 5:34
Meditation Will Manifest Winks 7:27
Meditation Will Manifest Winks 14:28
Meditation Will Manifest Wink 14:49
Meditation Will Manifest (remix) Winks 9:02
Minimal Thoughts Wink 1:34
Minimal Thoughts Wink 1:34
Minimum 23 Wink 7:37
Minimum 23 (Agoria remix) Josh Wink 9:15
Nervous Build Up Wink 7:19
Nervous Build-Up (Nervous mix) Winx 7:18
Nervous Build-Up (Tracid remix) Winx 5:28
New Groove Wink USSM19700220 8:18
New Groove Wink USSM19703760 6:40
New Groove Wink ?:??
New Groove Wink 3:56
No 9 Wink 5:46
No Balogna for Me Wink & ESP ?:??
Oakish Wink 6:01
Oakish Wink 3:59
Oakish Wink 6:51
Oakish Wink 5:36
Oakish Wink 5:43
Oakish Wink 5:41
Oakish (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 23” DJ‐mix) Wink 2:38
Oakish / T-Empo - Fouk (a cappella) Wink 5:56
Once I Fell... Wink 2:38
Once I Fell... Wink 2:38
Outro Wink 0:11
Path Towards Fountain Green Wink 3:31
Path Towards Mountain Green Wink 3:33
Plugged In/Freaks (a cappella) Audio Bullys & Josh Wink ?:??
Post Nasal Acid Wink 8:05
Post Nasal Back Spin Wink 0:12
Post Nasal Back Spin Wink 0:12
Rise Above Adam Freeland, Wink & Tom Middleton 6:11
Rise Above (part of a “Godskitchen: Global Gathering” DJ‐mix) Adam Freeland feat. Josh Wink & Tom Middleton 3:54
Shoelaces Josh Wink 7:05
Shoelaces (acid instrumental) Josh Wink 7:05
Shoelaces (instrumental) Josh Wink 7:05
Shoelaces (Mono Junk remix) Josh Wink 8:42
Shoelaces (Truncate remix) Josh Wink 5:27
Simple Man Wink USSM19703751 5:07
Simple Man (Allen Placer mix) Wink 11:15
Simple Man (Boom Boom Satellites remix) Wink 6:24
Simple Man (Gonstermacher longer remix) Wink 4:08
Simple Man (Optical remix) Wink 8:01
Simple Man (radio edit) Wink 3:57
Simple Man (radio edit) Wink feat. The Interpreters 3:53
Sixth Sense Wink USSM19703759 7:14
Sixth Sense Wink 5:19
Sixth Sense (part of “Carl Cox: Non Stop 98/01” DJ-mix) Wink 3:47
Sixth Sense (Booty in the Butta mix) Wink 7:41
Sixth Sense (Booty in the Butta mix) Josh Wink 4:36
Sixth Sense (Electronic Disobedience mix) Josh Wink feat. Ursula Rucker 5:06
Sixth Sense (original mix) Wink 5:53
Sixth Sense (original mix) (long edit) Wink 7:41
Sixth Sense (original mix) (long edit) Wink 7:52
Sixth Sense (radio edit) Wink 4:16
Sixth Sense (Wink's Dark dub) Wink 8:08
Sixth Sense (Womb vocal version) Wink 7:31
Sometimes at Silk Wink 4:19
Sometimes At Silk Wink 4:18
Spaced (Al Storm remix) Wink 3:09
Sprung Minimism Wink 8:20
Sprung Minimism Wink 3:25
Stairway to Headphones (Dan Eben mix) DJ ESP & Josh Wink ?:??

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