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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All Looks the Same Themroc 5:21
Bloodline Themroc 4:51
Bloodline Themroc 4:48
Bloodline (Eastwick & Holloway mix) Themroc 3:29
Bloodline (The Visitor maximix) (part of “Love and Good Times at the Red Bull House” DJ-mix) Themroc 4:30
Dash Shopper Robag Wruhme als Themroc ?:??
From the Stable to the Stars Themroc 5:47
Frozen Themroc ?:??
Fuzzy Logic Themroc ?:??
Fuzzy Logic Themroc 6:34
Gold Is Your Metal Themroc 4:12
Gold Is Your Metal Themroc 4:11
Gold Is Your Metal (Paper Faces mix) (part of a “Don’t Look Now - Bonus Mix CD” DJ‐mix) Themroc 4:51
Gold Is Your Metal (Paper Faces remix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session: Summer Collection 2003” DJ‐mix) Themroc 3:18
Gold Is Your Metal (Paper Faces remix) (part of a “FabricLive 09: Jacques Lu Cont” DJ‐mix) Themroc 5:56
Hermetic Hardcore Themroc ?:??
Hermetic Hardcore Themroc 6:31
Into the Light (part of “Ministry of Sound: Late Night Sessions: Autumn Collection” DJ-mix) Themroc 4:00
Into the Light (Themroc's Dadaism mix) Themroc 6:24
Into the Light (West London Deep remix) Themroc 6:17
Into the Lights Themroc 5:33
Killing and Falling Themroc 4:38
MeanRed Themroc 3:39
Music Like This Themroc ?:??
Never Be Over Themroc 5:17
State of Flux Themroc 4:08
State of Flux (part of “Ministry of Sound: Electro Tech” DJ-mix) Themroc 2:50
Sunken City Themroc 5:47
The Boy Can't Take It Themroc 5:27
The Boy Can't Take It Themroc ?:??
To Later Themroc 4:06
Turn Down Themroc ?:??
Yellow Dog Themroc 6:33

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