Name ISRCs Rating Length
Alexander the Great and the Onset of the Hellenistic Age ?:??
Athens and Solon: Economics and Political Reform ?:??
Democracy and Empire: The Rule of Pericles ?:??
From Tyranny to Democracy ?:??
Homer and the Origins of the Epic Tradition ?:??
Introduction and Prehistory: Cycladic, Minoan, and Mycenaean Civilization ?:??
Old Comedy and New Politicians: Satirists and Demagogues ?:??
Society and Social Life in Athens ?:??
Socrates ?:??
Sparta and Lycurgus: The Creation of a Martial Utopia ?:??
The Archaic Age ?:??
The Fourth Century and the Rise of Macedon ?:??
The Ionian Philosophers, Herodotus, and the Birth of History: The Persian Wars ?:??
The War Generation ?:??
Thucydides and Scientific History: The Peloponnesian War ?:??
Tragedy, Myth, Ritual and the Polis ?:??

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