Howe Gelb

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member of: Arizona Amp and Alternator
The Band of Blacky Ranchette
Giant Sand
Melted Wires
Nive Nielsen & Deer Children
OP8 (Giant Sand/Lisa Germano collaboration)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
But I Did Not
Sucker in a Cage
Trickle Down System
Waiting on the Heart
Anthem guitar [jungle guitar] Steve Wynn 5:42
Blacklisted piano Neko Case 2:22
Blacklisted organ Neko Case 2:22
Follow Me guest and guitar Steve Wynn 2:54
Fox Confessor Brings the Flood electric guitar Neko Case 2:42
Here on Earth as Well guitar [bell guitar] Steve Wynn 4:36
Killing Time (demo) guitar Steve Wynn 4:50
Lady Pilot organ Neko Case 2:27
Lion’s Jaws piano Neko Case 2:28
Look for Me (I’ll Be Around) organ Neko Case 3:21
Mother Earth (demo) guitar Steve Wynn 2:51
Mother Earth (demo) organ Steve Wynn 2:51
Outro With Bees organ Neko Case 1:36
Outro With Bees piano Neko Case 1:36
Poor Boy, Minor Key piano M. Ward 3:28
Runnin’ Out of Fools organ Neko Case 3:06
Runnin’ Out of Fools piano Neko Case 3:06
Seashell Tale piano M. Ward 3:49
The Wheel additional and piano Gemma Ray 3:41
Under the Weather guitar [dinosaur guitar] Steve Wynn 4:21
Under the Weather (demo) guitar Steve Wynn 4:36
Younger guitar [fringed lunatic guitar] Steve Wynn 3:43
The Grotto piano Kristin Hersh
But I Did Not
Sucker in a Cage
Trickle Down System
Big Fish Giant Sand 4:15
Big Fish Giant Sand 4:15
Carried KT Tunstall 3:42
Chimes KT Tunstall 3:38
Crescent Moon KT Tunstall 3:52
Feel It All KT Tunstall 4:12
Feel It All (band jam) KT Tunstall 3:50
Hallowed Ground KT Tunstall 4:59
Honeydew KT Tunstall 3:23
How You Kill Me KT Tunstall 4:11
Invisible Empire KT Tunstall 3:53
Made of Glass KT Tunstall 4:11
Never Be the Same Again KT Tunstall 4:31
No Better Shoulder KT Tunstall 5:27
Old Man Song KT Tunstall 3:13
Waiting on the Heart KT Tunstall 4:30
Yellow Flower KT Tunstall 3:12
Milk for Your Motors Gemma Ray